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Astroturf Nazis?


Mar 29, 2010
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Lately, I saw a bill posted in my neighborhood.

In boldfaced large font, prominently displayed on this bill was "CPAC".

I found this confusing why someone was advertising CPAC in the neighborhood. After all, CPAC doubled down on "Naziism" with their Odal Rune stage.

The flier though was a petition to get a ballot question added for 'community control of policing'.

The ISSUE, however, is that there is already a ballot question with broad support. A second ballot question will interfere with the first, more likely to win measure. This is not a "primary your conscience, elect your candidate" calculus. This is a "detract support with a distracting question" kind of calculus.

When I actually look deeper into their group, it appears to be a nebulous concern group who is using BLM imagery to hide their intent and the insideousness of what they are doing. Their site doesn't mention CPAC at all really. It is a quick pivot to "justice4jamar" with the dog whistle deemphasized.

I can see what they are doing but it may be effective.

Has anyone else here had success combatting and exposing such groups in the past?
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