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Oct 3, 2018
Indianapolis, Indiana
Basic Beliefs
Auto-da-fe is an act of faith without reason and is based on childhood indoctrination. Religious beliefs appeal to our need to find meaning in life and to find meaning in death. Man-made religions appeal to our need to belong, to feel important, to manage our insecurities and fears, and to attempt to manage our loneliness. Out of the 100,000 reli- gions that have ever existed, many of them were mere cults and sects based on human fears, insecurities, and promises to fulfill their needs. Take Mormonism. Without appealing to our fears, insecurities, need to find meaning in life, and meaning in death it is hard for me to understand how any reasonably critically thinking person can have faith in the absurdities of the Mormon Religion. Mormonism is an example of a notorious cult-based religion having theocractic dogmas roundly built on the fantasies of that polygamist magician Joseph Smith. Under Brigham Young, Mormons practiced “blood atonement” that was brutal violence to the point of murder for “sins” like miscegenation, theft, adultery, or apostasy. I have known highly educated people (even a psychiatrist) who ada- mantly and vehemently believe in Mormonistic fantastical and superstitious dogma. So many horrible things are done as an auto-da-fe (act of faith).
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