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Historical Jesus


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Nov 10, 2017
Basic Beliefs
Others are more well read than me on religious history and history in general.

What I believe is that basic huamn dynamics does not chmage. Look at the world today in this case the mid east and project back in time. Corruption, geopolitics, race, ethnicity, rligion, opportunists, power politicsm and nationalism.

You can look at the late Yassar Arafat. As corrupt as it gets, he siphoned aid money, put on a poor persona, and got rich.'
Yet he is a hero in Palestine to many.

Christian opportunists who get rich promoting an interpretation. In the time of Jesus there was undoubtedly financial collusion between the Jewish power elite and Rome. The Temple was a profitable corporation of the day.

The Iranian theocracy. Shia vs Suni Muslims.

Get rid of the supernatural and Jesus makes sense in the politics of the day.
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