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Look! Up there! In the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane!


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Nice set of pics. Cool to see those F-4s taking off in the background as well. :)

The Pima Air Museum has a very nice B-36 in their collection. I believe it is slotted for a full restoration again sometimes next year (2019). Even though a large part of their collection is outdoors, the desert environment isn't too harsh on the airframes, and they do regular restorations on all of their aircraft. They just received the very first 777 that rolled of the production line when Malaysian airlines retired it. :)

Glad you enjoyed them. As for the B-36 in the Pima Air Museum, I believe it is the same one in my photos. What a difference a few tens of thousands of hours of restoration make:



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I wish I were allowed a camera here at work. I get some real up close looks at the A-10s and F-35s. I climb around on A-10s on a weekly basis. :)


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I still haven't sat down and sorted through all the photos from the big airshow. I'm moving to a bigger place this week, so I'll be sorting stuff for a while longer.

The good news...related to this thread...is that I've found a coworker who owns (partial ownership) of a powered aircraft, and several gliders! Once the weather gets nice, we're gonna go flying quite a bit, I expect. :D


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That's a pretty spectacular aircraft.

I was a bit surprised that the horizontal tails weren't connect across the center (like a large P-38). Both halves would have to be really well calibrated and synced to avoid crazy torsion on the center wing panel.


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So, last Friday, I got a tour of the AMARG. (https://www.dm.af.mil/Units/309-AMARG/) aka "the Boneyard".

If you go to google earth, or google maps satellite view, and search for Davis Monthan AFB, you'll see thousands of airplanes parked in the desert there. That's the boneyard.

I just happened to get a personal tour of the boneyard, from the commander of the boneyard. :cool:

She's trying really hard to get me to move back to Tucson and work for her. I did take a few pictures, but nothing spectacular, as I didn't have my good camera on me, and I didn't want to keep asking her to pull over so I could go walk around the planes and take pictures. :p


Darn it, Airbus has just announced it is ending production of the A380. I've flown on the A380 a number of times and thought it was a fantastic plane. Better than the Dreamliner in my opinion. Obviously they will still be in service for years to come but it's a shame to see it end but understandable.


Mazzie Daius
We really need more MDC, er  Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

Are we going to get them?

Maybe: Could the Air Force restart the C-17 production line? https://www.defensenews.com/digital...e-air-force-restart-the-c-17-production-line/ 10/26/2018

Naw: Boeing Is Selling Off Its Historic C-17 Production Line Facility In Long Beach https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zo...c-c-17-production-line-facility-in-long-beach 11/07/2018

Damn! I invested six years of my remote engineering research into that plane.

Oh, wait. Those research products are actually being used by the Services and nations employing the C-17.

never mind.

old .... carving River Otters now.


Why is this vintage airplane full of dogs and going to Norway?

2020 Iditarod champ Thomas Waerner, fellow Norwegian Iditarod musher Tom Frode Johannsen, and all of their dogs finally got a ride home in an historic DC-6B cargo plane on its way to permanent retirement at an aviation museum after being stuck in Alaska for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The story is here, and there's a really cool video of their refueling stop in Yellowknife here:

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Midland TX

I found a few miscellaneous images in a forgotten folder on my hard drive. These first are from a Confederate Air Force (now Commemorative Air Force) annual air show in the former headquarters at Midland Texas.

C-46 1.png

C-46 Commando nose art. The C-46 was in some ways a more capable aircraft than her more famous cousin, the C-47 (aka DC-3).

C-46 3.png
Another C-46

C-46 2.png
Nose art

B-29 FIFI in taxi mode


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Dallas Love Field

Fifi 2.png

FIFI at an air show in Dallas

Fifi 3.png

flight deck.png
FIFI flight deck. George Lukas used images from the B-29 flight deck when designing the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars.


B2 flyover. I remember it as being spooky quiet.
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