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My Vacation Cruise in Asia during the Wuhan Flu Scare


Industrial Grade Linguist
Is that wall (fake window) just a lighted photo or is it a video of outside?

Good guess. This is a windowless inside cabin on the Royal Caribbean Ovation. It is a large TV display with a live feed to the starboard side of the ship. So we could see the outside in real time, just as if we had an oceanview or balcony cabin. This is the first time that we ever experienced an inside cabin like that, and we enjoyed it a lot. Of course, the resolution was not quite as good as a real window, but we could still see land features, wildlife, and land going by. Also, the TV in the room showed a view in front of the ship which is typical of most cruise ships. However, the front camera on this ship was not fixed. It panned slowly left and right to give us a view 45 degrees to each side. Inside cabins are the cheapest class sold on these ships, but we enjoyed it more than any other inside cabin we've had.


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That’s kinda neat that it’s a live feed.

Also, I like your sweater!
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