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Jimmy Higgins

Feb 1, 2001
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Calvinistic Atheist
Wow! QB 2 for 3, and the Pats win. Bills aren't anywhere near a 7-5 team. Two great defenses. I don't know if these two teams can meet in the AFC Championship, but they are two of the best. Add in Kansas City and there are your top three teams.

And in a couple months when two other teams are in the AFC Championship you feel free to ignore this post.


Veteran Member
Jan 7, 2006
Winter Garden, Florida
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socially liberal/libertarian on most issues, but not all.
Wow, Patriots only throw 3 passes tonight (bad wind), still win. Ran effectively for most of the game against 8-9 man boxes.

Edit: Lol, if only I hit reply a few seconds earlier.


Apr 14, 2006
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Gnostic atheist
That was such a winnable game for Buffalo, it has got to mess with them, especially considering how they have been totally owned by NE for so long. And NE came out acting like an underdog going for two early. I thought Buffalo made a mistake attempting a field goal late in strong winds, instead of a touchdown.

AFC is still ridiculously tight, up for grabs. Even 1-7 Miami has a shot at postseason, now at 6-7. I'd say the biggest factor in the standings has been injuries.
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