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On Coronavirus


Mar 29, 2010
No pls.
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This is going to be really bad for our parents and grandparents. Probably also for a lot of the older folks here. We all have family or elders we respect, older coworkers, good bosses, people we see in the course of our days. And we will ALL lose healthy young friends to it too.

It CAN happen to us. It's quite reasonable to expect it WILL, given the fact that the US is doing little to nothing about containment; the unreasonable position is in fact that you will walk away from this unscathed, without losing anyone. This will take someone from you, almost guaranteed.

It's a shitty thing to think about, but that's what the coronavirus is, what this disaster of response is: a promise someone you love will die.

Be responsible, wash your hands, don't go to large unnecessary gatherings, use your sick leave, and be conscious that when you joke about it, this loss of our friends and loved ones is what you joke about.

This is a national tragedy coming at us in slow, inevitable motion.
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