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Paper, pencil and polyhedral dice. Fantasy role playing games. D&D, Traveler, ect.


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Nov 23, 2017
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I have always been a little off the beaten track as far as fitting into society and at an early age I get into science fiction and fantasy, because I could dream my way into a place to belong to far quicker than I could physically fit into the world outside. I got into science fiction in TV and the movies as well as superhero comics and graphic magazines.

I guess I was a shoe in when I was introduced into RPG gaming. I found an entire community of lost people just like me that understood me and more than that, welcomed me as an equal.

My initial experience into RPGs was the first addition big books of Dungeons and dragons, which I devoired as well as I could. I think i started out as a fighter, but then turned to theif, which I have embrased in just about every charator I've ever played in the game. My best Charactor was a female dark Elf Cleric/ thief, which allowed me to use clerk spells and utilize all the theif skills. I could also fight two-handed with short swards and I could use a long bow, which I could really reach out and touch people. I was a prized member of any party I was in, because I could fight in the front lines or the rear and had healing skills that helped out the other characters.

Other games I got into was the Traveler series, which was a highly detailed futuristic game that you, not only could create characters, but space ships and whole planet structure.

There was a plethora of games out there that spanned just about every timeline imaginab;r, but the most detailed game I found was one called Aftermath, which was set in a post holocaust world where you could be old and have several tech skills as well as doctoring skills or be young and have a chance to have mutant abilities. What I liked was the firearms that you could have and each weapon had it's own damage level. I was noy into physically having a gun in real life, but being inside a fantasy world were mutant animals and gangs romed everywhere it was your safest bet to survive.

There were more games that had a different take on things, but they were virtually the same as for preping the games and running them. There was a person who ran the game and gave the situation the group was in and there was the group, itself who had to work as a team to get through whatever the judge through at us.

It was a ready made world for geaks such as myself and gave me an outlet to share myself and embrace others who drempt of a world quite like those I dreamt of.

Are there any RPG gamers out there, as well?

Loren Pechtel

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Sep 16, 2000
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I used to but it's been a long time since I've been able to commit to a fixed schedule for a game.

I do play DDO online, though--a MMORPG that's approximately based on the D&D ruleset.


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Nov 28, 2017
Layton, UT
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I've been playing D&D since 1978, off and on. My D&D experience predates even the first edition AD&D 'big books'. :)

I also got into Traveller around 82 or so, and my group of friends usually had 2-3 different campaigns of various RPGs going at any time. We usually alternated what game/campaign we ran from weekend to weekend. Over the years, as far as RPGs, I've played: D&D (every edition at least once), Traveller (several different editions), Gamma World, Champions, Vampire the Masquerade, Paranoia, and a few random one shots of different systems.

We just recently started a Pathfinder campaign, and I think this might actually last a while. I'm still thinking about running a space opera themed campaign though.

The last decade or so, I've mostly been into board games, though, because it's much easier to go and is significantly less time commitment.

This is my (mostly up to date) board game collection: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/Wylann

I started a new board game group when I moved here, and I'm still trying to get a consistent core of gamers to show up regularly.

I also used to run (and will start it up again soon) an online RPG using the Neverwinter Nights engine, but based in the original D&D world of Greyhawk.
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