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Photo Viewer for Android


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Mar 15, 2001
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I need a photo viewer for Android. I had been using Quickpic but it has recently developed some problem and reinstalling doesn't fix the problem.

I have downloaded and tried it seems a dozen viewers on the Google app store and for my needs they all suck.

The basic issue is that they do not allow nested folder view!

My 91,491 photos are in 517 folders nested by years 2004-2019. Most folders within a given year are named "1 January", "2 February", etc. for sorting.

I can't use a photo viewer that will not let me navigate first by year and then month. But all of them (except for one, "F-Stop Pro") will not nest the folders I can't be scrolling down 517 folders that are all in some random order to find my photos.

Does anyone know of a photo viewer/Gallery for Android that will fit my needs?

F-Stop comes the closest. It nests the month folders within the year folders but it thinks that "10 October" comes right after "1 January" instead of after "9 September". If Absolutely necessary I could rename all of my folders by lettering instead of number but that would be a ton of work.
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