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Reaction Videos

Saw a few of a doctor watching action scenes from movies, calling out the probable injuries. Really funny was the church scene from Kingsmen. (lot of headshots in that scene)
This past week I watched a series of videos from a couple of fighter pilots who watched "Top Gun: Maverick." They react to the "cool" stuff, but also pick apart the inaccuracies and things that are just done to make the movie more dramatic.

Saw another Close to the Edge reaction vid. Dude kept pausing... and in some very bad spots! Guy wasn't a musician, apparently he just listens to a lot of music. He was blown away by the song, and clearly he seemed to at least get the complexity. But damn, he kept pausing and then replaying back 15 seconds. He literally pauses it right before the church organ bit, which is possibly one of the best pieces of keyboard work ever written. I mean, it is the epic portion of the song, it is Siddhartha's awakening and enlightenment! *pause*


I need to start a Reaction to Reaction video series.
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