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Seven Meditations for Moving Forward


Jul 28, 2000
Eugene, OR
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Seven Meditations for Moving Forward - Brute Reason by therapist Miri Mogilevsky

1. "What are you feeling right now? Name it. Name them all–there are probably more than one or two."

Then various emotions personified.

2. "Imagine things go to shit. Really, really go to shit. Let your mind go there. What would you miss most? What do you see yourself one day telling the young people in your life about, wishing they could experience it for themselves?"

MM mentioned missing trees.

3. "Now imagine things turn out okay. Maybe good, maybe just okay. If that happens, what would you regret about how you spent this time? Would you wish you spent more time outdoors, off your phone, writing to loved ones, saving whatever money you could, or maybe spending more of it to let yourself enjoy things a little more? Would you be kicking yourself for not at least trying to find a new job or find a way to go back to school?"

4. "Take a moment to think about acceptance. I don’t mean, “Accept that this is how it is and always will be,” or “Accept the things you cannot change.” Acceptance means seeing things as they are right now instead of struggling to see them as something else."

5. "Imagine that thousands or millions of years pass, and an archeologist of the future–maybe human, maybe not–finds the relics you left behind."

Like all your social-media posts. What will they conclude about you? What would you want for them to conclude about you?

6. "How do you want to show up in this moment? ... How does the type of person you are meet the type of situation this is?"

If you consider yourself someone with some ability, then how can you use that ability?

7. "You don’t have everything you need to be able to fully show up in those ways."

You may have some things but not some other things for something that you want to do. What can you substitute? More broadly, what alternatives do you have? You may also want to think of creative ways of getting what you are missing.
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