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The dominant cultural identity


Mazzie Daius
Oct 6, 2008
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Oldman aren't you suggesting we substitute one boogieman for another. What's the difference between skin color and information source as thing for hating? Yah there's the benefit of removing physical traits for mental traits. But how long before we find those espousing liberal hate traits are the same as those hating color difference. The problem isn't with the focus the problem is with the hatred.


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Nov 10, 2017
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European western thought evolved over a long time from tribal to city state to state to the idea of human rights and govt to pt protect rights. In may armature analyst view that led to creative freedom, innovation, and modern science. Knowledge is power.

Eastern Europe is slipping into despotism and authoritarianism while The Americans, Canadians, and western Europe are traying to push it back.

It is all about culture. Why is tiny Israel a military and economic power in the mid east while the Arabs and Persians willfully stick with self defeating anachronistic forms of government?

Africa is in constant conflict over which group dominates. Tribal. Ethiopia and Sudan.

Here in the USA we do seem to be heading to a flat society. Whether it will work is unknown.

I live on the edge of Chinatown. The Chinese there hang onto their culture with a death grip and will never give up their identity, even generations removed from immigrants.

Maybe dominant cultures exist because there are cultures to begin with. China has a dominant racial culture, I'd have to look up which is the dominant and which is considered underclass.
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