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Trans Flasher Confronted at YMCA

Don2 (Don1 Revised)

Apr 1, 2004
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A couple weeks ago, I walked into the women’s locker room at the Prospect Park YMCA in Brooklyn. I’d joined the gym the day before, and planned to kick off my new membership by swimming laps. I had just started to take my gym equipment out of my bag when a woman walked up to me and asked if I knew that I was in the women’s locker room.

At first, I thought she was confused about which locker room she was in — something that occasionally happens when someone sees me in the women’s restroom and briefly panics, thinking that they’ve walked into the men’s room. But the woman asked again — “You know this is the women’s locker room?” — and this time there was a hint of anger in her voice...

This article kind of shows what the indignity is really about. It also shows how our cultural pretension that nudity is evil and everyone fits neatly into one of two categories really sets up a lot of people to fail.

Question: Can we transition to a culture where the premises inherited from Abrahamic religion are rethought and all humans being free are simply let alone?
I think it's more than just Abrahamic religions that have problems with nudity. The US is definitely fucked up in this regard, though.
Yeah it's legal most places in America... to go top less including those that are lopsided and I have yet to see that at the petrol shop.
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