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What is Faith?


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Oct 3, 2018
Indianapolis, Indiana
Basic Beliefs
What is Faith? Over the years I have heard many people, who can’t scientifically or logically defend their supernatural beliefs, end up saying they are based on faith. Thus, I came to ask, “What is Faith?” I now argue that faith has a lot to do with what part of the globe a person is born in. That is, if a person is born in a Western country their faith is most likely based on an endless number of Christian religions. If one is born in a Middle Eastern country a person is probably a Sunni or Shia Muslim. And, if one is born in a Far Eastern country their religious faith is probably related to being a Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, etc. I am trying to make a case that religious faith and beliefs are based on childhood indoctrination depending on where you were born. Faith comes from an early time period of environmental indoctrination that leads to a lifetime faith based on a religion’s dogma. Most indoctrination (of any kind) takes place during the impressionable Limbic Brain developmental years from infancy to age 7, and continues into the concrete thinking years of 7-12. Limbic indoctrination trumps Neocortex rationality or listening to intuitive guidance. Indoctrination is about taking a docile child (or adults who refuse to think for themselves) and molding them into a belief system. It systematically ensnares and entraps a child’s mind into believing whatever is put into it. If the seeds of religious indoctrination are planted early enough, all will succumb to unnatural dogmatic proclamations. Religious stamping-in faith demands beliefs and values that can’t be questioned. I warn that childhood faith has dire implications. Absolute faith makes for a decerebralization of common sense, reasoning, the ability to question, and the ability to think for oneself. Religious indoctrination is faith-based submission that has been a deceptive attack on the selfhood (spirithood and personhood) of a child.
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