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I love your profile pic. People who love cats can't be all bad. :biggrin:
It's a tastefully cropped version of Renoir's "Young Boy With A Cat", that painting always stuck to my memory since I first saw it. Not sure if I'm the boy, the cat, or the painter.

I hope your health challenges have improved at least a little, I've been thinking about your awful tibia situation.
Angry Floof
Angry Floof
It's a beautiful painting.
I am so sorry about your dog. It's a terribly sad thing to say goodbye to a beloved friend even when we know it must happen someday.
:) That, Earth Girls are Easy, is the movie that destroyed my faith in my ability to judge a movie by it's title.
It was a good movie. Fun.
Sorry, that last rep-comment was supposed to read:

"A message to "none", perhaps? Even if not, these are good." :)
Sorry for my last rep-message. I was in a lousy mood. !!!!!!!!!OF COURSE!!!!!you can grasp my position! Sheeeesh, I really, really am a numbnuts. A tired numbnuts. Sorry.

I hope you're well.
Regards, Bill
Thanks for your Rep "You're right & don't be to hard on yourself or daughter. My guess is this is likely not the first argument you've both had and you're both still around."

You are so kind and wise. I just friended you.
That is good and sad news.

Glad you get to keep the shed.

Mum and dad lost their antique hills hoist.
I fear it will be a 1/2 the gum it was, as of tomorrow, but I get to keep my shed intact so there is an upside :)
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When you're taking your final breath on earth will your last words be about a black person? If not, don't let your last post on this forum be about us either.
Thanks for your comment on my loss. Justin was a pollock, not the dumb one. He introduced me to a lot of books at a time when I was falling for the typical trappings of the hood aspiring to be the next big willie. Books from Aldus Huxley, Bernard Shaw, Theodor Dostiovsky, George Orwell, and a bunch of other crazy white people.

If you need a replacement mod I’d consider applying, but only if you drop that tosser Loren.

I will understand if you feel that’s too controversial.

Thanks for the concern, small scare there for a bit. My entire family/work/wife/child converged on me for support at the same and I had a bit of a breakdown. I've had to quickly pivot and get my head back in the game as the due date's coming up. How are things going for you?
Users (and their posts) that I deliberately avoid engaging with.

Gun Nut - Seriously! Don't waste your time on people you think are dishonest.
skepticalbib - secretly Lion IRC knows he's wrong. Bad faith.
T.G.G. Moogly - Feeds the troll then complains about trolls
Rhea - You only get one chance to accuse me of being a rape apologist.
Not so good. Unemployed for nine months now. You need a private cook? I make a mean quiche.
:D I thought you were leaving that for me. Took me a while to realise it was out of my own profile.

How's life?
I hardly remember Short Cuts. Just that one moment that turned me off of that actress.
Heh. How bad is it when I think that Loren is the most enlightened male voice (so far)?

I say we need at least 5 more male posters, but if Derec gets involved, all bets are off.

Also I wonder why it is that men seem so unable or unwilling to express empathy for women. It’s so depressing.
Should we have a friendly little bet? How many posts it will take before ... ? :D
I hope it does. That must be annoying. Sorry about that; I don't remember deleting any sent messages, but my memory isn't what it used to be.
Hi hurtinbuckaroo.

I think you deleted a message you sent me a while ago. The software recognizes that I haven't read it but not why, so I keep getting an unread message notification. I'm replying in the hope that fixes things.

Hi Derec, I can't find the missing bracket in that post. Has someone already done it or do I need help? :)
I am, but I only visit there about once a month, mostly to check out a menu or post a National Geographic video. I just haven't closed down my account yet. Do you post there often? TFT is getting depressing lately too, with all the obnoxious men insulting each other or going on for weeks about insignificant things. Is it me? I'm glad you're still there as well as a few other people, but OMG, there are so many hateful people there, or should I say men? :worried:
Re: the videos thread. Just me had originally posted his video as a new thread and asked if it should go somewhere else. That's what I had replied to. Then I merged his thread with the existing videos thread and forgot to delete my post that was no longer relevant. So now I deleted both my post and your response from the thread. :)
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