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    Why should RED-LINING be illegal?

    Tornados to southeast US: "We're not in Kansas anymore." Welcome to Climate Change! Concrete domes in Kansas are also horrible structures for EQ and earth movement - which are much more likely perils in KS than tornados. aa
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    Why should RED-LINING be illegal?

    Correct, but I think that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac already tried to provide this kind of economic backstop to 'unviable land' (similar to the NFIP insurance backstop) but were met with less than stellar results. Perhaps not enough intrusion? aa
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    Why should RED-LINING be illegal?

    I'm with you on that, but what about the 'new' redlining? I have data analytics that tell me how to circle the neighborhood now. Effective risk management tool or extension of racist/classist policies? aa
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    Why should RED-LINING be illegal?

    I don't think that's exactly right. NFIP is a government program that takes the premium and pays the losses. There is still no insurance 'market' for flood except for gaps in what the government doesn't cover. The economic model you are describing is a government subsidy to develop land that...
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    Why should RED-LINING be illegal?

    Crime Score and Credit Score are routinely used in insurance and lending underwriting standards and rating. The redlining occurs when those same criteria are used as a substitute or proxy for race. I've always been on the other side of that argument - I'd love to insure the drug lord's house...
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    Question for history nerds - American Civil War

    This is a pretty good read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomacy_of_the_American_Civil_War aa
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    Grossly High Hospital-Bill Markups

    I already said all that. It was resolved, but it took half a year. And I doubt you could conclude she wasn't concerned about it. Could you imagine trying to shop for a house or car with an unresolved $550k collection? aa
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    Grossly High Hospital-Bill Markups

    Timely article: https://www.npr.org/sections/heala-hospital-asked-these-parents-to-pay-45,843-a-month-for-their-babys-nicu-stay Basically, this couple got a $550k bill even though they had insurance. In the end everything was resolved and the bill was knocked down to a payable amount, but it...
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    Parents Of School Shooter Charged

    Well, you're almost correct. Let's just say if you have the right skin tone and background, you are afforded a pass or two at 'zero-tolerance' and above reproach or even a cursory search at your personal effects. But if you are a brown kid making a clock out in the open?? Well, better safe...
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    The Central Limit Theorem

    When attempting to use CLT in real life, you will spend the majority of your time attempting to establish that your independent random variables are in fact 1. Independent and 2. Random. aa
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    Please pay us back.

    This one. It is most likely the insurance company who is asking for the merchant's help in subrogating the loss. The insurer also most likely paid for the ad. And finally, the insurer will most likely split any subrogation proportionally between the insured deductible and total amount of loss...
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    If the DEBT CEILING is not raised? What then?

    What happens if we default? I think something about Chinese overlords... Where's Rvonse, he had some theories about this in another thread? aa
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    Billionaires who are on the run

    Wow, this went from A to Z fast! aa
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    Am I drinking too much?

    I drink way too much. But I don't want help, and I'm not endangering others, and even given the amount that I drink - I rarely even get buzzed anymore. I think for me it's more about what having a drink in my hand means: "Fuck you! After everything I've been through, there is no way I'm...
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    Use of the term "woke" by white people is arrogance

    I don't know what gymnastics you went through to get this right wing story (eehhmm Bari Weiss) but MOST of the youth today are more equipped to handle the nuances of american politics and good will than this anecdotal shiite. There was a time when the country said - We are going to build...
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