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Damn, dude, you have the patience of a Saint (re TomC).
It pains me to think what you must have gone through to arrive at that state.
Hi, Philippe, Greetings. Glad to meet you here. I have not been visiting Facebook for a long time. Still at Puducherry or you have moved? How is everyone at home? Was out of touch with the infidels for a long time, but there were infidels where I was. :D
I offer writing, editing and design services of all kinds. Below I have attached my resume, a recent (long) writing sample, and some examples (facing pages) of a book I am currently designing for a client. Links to more of my work can be found at the bottom of my resume.

Editing includes content editing, copy editing, line editing and proofreading. I can also write about any topic, based on information that you supply me. However, while I will edit college term papers, theses and the like, I will not ghost write them. The student should do his or her own work!

I recently submitted the writing sample I have attached below to Super Summary, an organization that offers long and complex academic analyses of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. My submission to them was part of a job application to join their freelance team. My work, about 20,000 words long, is an analysis of the novel Blood Meridian, Or The Evening Redness in the West, by Cormac McCarthy.

I am also collaborating with another iidb member, 1heidegger1!, on a novel. The first 31,000 or so words can be found here.

The enclosed page mockups are from a book that I am designing for a photographer and poet in New York City. The layout, photo editing, typography selection and captions are my work, with the written material transposed into the first-person voice of the client. In addition to book or magazine layout design I offer logo-design services. I designed the iidb logo you see on this site.

Finally, I offer prints of my original fine art for sale. You can find them at my Instagram page, here. The cost of each print includes printing at the size of your choice and shipping and handling.

All rates for all of my services are reasonable and negotiable. Payment is via PayPal.

Thank you for considering my services.


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