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    Discrimination -- the reality

    2 personal anecdotes (FWIW) - my company is considering its next hiring to be female, because we are, at present, 100% white dudes. HR thinks it would be a good idea. The staff are uneasy about this. My facility turned away an Iranian applicant because about 6 years ago they hired an Iranian...
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    Tacit Support for the Big Lie

    I'm not a conservative answering your request, however, I was interested to hear a self-described moderate republican (on a podcast called "The Politics Guys") address this. He is a legal professional, who considers himself to be fact based, by-the-law kind of guy. He has also called Trump a...
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    SCOTUS - AA ... news from the future

    From what I have read about encouraging racial diversity in higher education, it's not so much about having percentages that reflect the country or community, it's about the multi generational effect of bringing higher education to racially (and often economically) isolated communities. It's a...
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    The Global Warming Fraud

    You are confusing weather and climate.
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    The Global Warming Fraud

    I think this is an understated point in many of these discussions. I'm not a scientist, so when I am curious about the validity of a theory, this is the first step - Is there an overwhelming consensus of independent experts, and whose data can be correlated from other fields of study? If that is...
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    Rittenhouse/Kenosha Shooting Split

    Antifa being a factor is a myth https://apnews.com/article/virus-outbreak-race-and-ethnicity-suburbs-health-racial-injustice-7edf9027af1878283f3818d96c54f748
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    How Proud You Must Be of Crooked, Incompetent Biden

    Hey Freethoughtpariah - I'm curious where you get all this great news and information that is crushing us to a pulp with its truthiness. Care to reveal some of your favorite news outlets?
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    January 6 Hearings Live

    Wow. That's batshit crazy. What even more insane is that all these crazy conspiracies are mainstream thought to many republicans and their voters. I hear (some) previously moderate conservatives talk about this stuff as if it's reality. They just smooth out the edges a bit.
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    Mar-a-Largo raided by FBI?

    What most people call "evil" is almost always a mix of fear and incompetence
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    Re-Framing Capitalism

    I don't think its accurate to say they "gave" products to customers - it traded for as much as it thought the market could bear. From a labor perspective their takeover of our company has been a disaster. Our staffing has shrunk by half, relying on "go getters" to work long hours and extra days...
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    Re-Framing Capitalism

    One point I didn't see reading through these posts - Large corporations don't operate in a void, they rely heavily on the amenities that are paid for by local taxes - Schools, hospitals, roads, utilities, police, etc... The large company I work for (Mitsubishi) pays a low corporate tax, they...
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    Great Reset Coming Soon

    I'm surprised there isn't more discussion about CTists here. I know they have been around forever but the internet is supercharging dissinfo. I don't think the gen pop takes it seriously enough IMO.
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    Why mass vaccination with a leaky vaxx is so dangerous

    Vet your sources. Read about the authors. Check out their published papers, if you can find any that haven't been withdrawn. Look at other ideas they have promoted.
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    Re-Framing Capitalism

    There is something kind of Paleo Conservative about the idea that we are destined to be in direct competetion for resources. I don't believe in the idea that because at points in our evolution we exhibited trait A (in this case is product of our environment), we therefore must accept that as...
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