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    Caption Contest

    I love it when you call me Chief Pope.
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    Politics House can review Trump's taxes

    Bad day - or good for getting more money for his "war chest". Big meanie DOJ, and Dems, they want to enforce the law.
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    Political Rant Funny Images II

    Department of Justice retrieving flushed documents
  4. starwater

    Mar-a-Largo raided by FBI?

    So there were actual papers? Or electronic docs? I thought he flushed all the papers - the plumbers might have them though. Please do not flush: Paper towels baby wipes diapers classified documents
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    Alex Jones did WHAaaAAAaattT????

    45.2 M punitive.
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    Caption Contest

    Perjury is a crime?
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    Alex Jones did WHAaaAAAaattT????

    The jury is currently deliberating on punitive damages
  8. starwater

    Alex Jones did WHAaaAAAaattT????

    I agree there is something swimming beneath the surface here.
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    Alex Jones did WHAaaAAAaattT????

    One of the attorneys, Avi Moshenberg, told CNN on Tuesday that the bankruptcy filing made by Free Speech Systems indicated that $62 million in assets had been withdrawn from the company in 2021 and 2022. Umm so he stashed it somewhere off shore and declared bankruptcy. I hope there are more...
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    Alex Jones did WHAaaAAAaattT????

    4 Million in damages CNN reports
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    Alex Jones did WHAaaAAAaattT????

    Its just too convenient. There is something going on behind the scenes.
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    Alex Jones did WHAaaAAAaattT????

    There was no "mistake" on the lawyers part, or whoever pushed the send button knew EXACTLY what they were doing.
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    The Town That Went Feral

    "They slashed the town’s already tiny yearly budget of $1 million by 30 percent, obliged the town to fight legal test case after test case, and staged absurd, standoffish encounters with the sheriff to rack up YouTube hits." So how is this a better way of life?
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    Thank You For Your Service: Republican Edition

    GOP = Greed Over People
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    Glenn Thompson Repub from PA votes NO on same sex marriage bill.....

    He is a hypocrite and greedy. Votes one way to appease his base and continue to receive funds from his base for re-election and then does the complete opposite in his real life.
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