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    Images that make you laugh

    How many stars would you give it?
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    Batgirl canned

    Yeah, at some point it will be leaked and it'll be obvious why it was never released. If I was a betting man, I'd say it was probably so woke, even the most wokety wokesters be like, "Damn, that was too woke even for me!". There must be some gimmick in this film. I see the Batgirl actress is...
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    What Are You Eating Today?

    This might be a good time to call in The Cleaner to help with the excess spillage.
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    Breakdown In Civil Order

    It was a sarcastic, rhetorical question. What exactly is your point? You're complaining about needing to spend money on nursing homes, etc and not border walls like the right wing wants to do, but Biden is spending money on border walls, contrary to his campaign promise that he wouldn't add a...
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    Breakdown In Civil Order

    What wall is the right wing shitting their pants over? This one? US to fill border wall gaps at open area near Yuma, Arizona
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    As I said, I haven't caught up to the latest...:) I never heard of truthsocial.
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    What I Enjoy About Being Old.

    On my first read of this, by "greys" I thought you were talking about aliens, and by temple I thought you were referring to the religious structure. So, I'm wondering, WTF, he's collecting ETs around a synagogue? The boy has lost it! Once I looked up and reminded myself what thread I was in...
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    Maybe I haven't caught up to the latest, but. wasn't Trump banned from Twitter, and on top of that, I thought Twitter used only blue checkmarks to denote verified user accounts. Biden has a blue checkmark and Trump has a red checkmark.
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    The very lovely Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) is gone.

    'STAR TREK' STAR NICHELLE NICHOLS DEAD AT 89 :cry: I think this is my favorite clip of her. Such a bad ass here. I wish they would have expanded her role in the series.
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    Images that make you laugh

    Yeah, cats are masters at giving you "the look".
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    Covid-19 miscellany

    Not again!
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    What I Enjoy About Being Old.

    Same here, but I have realized recently I do still have my limits. Spending the afternoon running around to different stores and realizing after I got home that my fly had been down the whole time. Something that was never an issue in my brain's younger days. Also, having a wad of Velcro...
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    Chinese anti-black racism

    Poor Chewie just can't catch a break. First, no medal at the end of A New Hope, and now this. :pouting:
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    Wally - not dead

    Gee Wally, why'd you have to go so soon? You were a really swell big brother. This is even sadder than when Miss Landers got croaked by that speeding school bus.
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