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  1. excreationist

    Lego secular Christmas creations and Santa and anti-Nativity, Harry Potter, etc

    In recent years there have always been at least three Lego advent calendars every year: (five each year in the last two years) https://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?v=5&pg=1&catString=390.714&sortBy=Y&sortAsc=A&catType=S I think they've always involved presents, Santa, elves and Christmas...
  2. excreationist

    Fulfilling all of your wishes, boredom and sadism

    I am fond of Alan Watts' dream thought experiment - which I believe can be implemented with a futuristic simulation: https://alanwatts.org/searchable/1-2-3-mythology-of-hinduism-pt-1/ So in that thought experiment boredom with god-like powers never results in sadism. But here is another talk...
  3. excreationist

    A Creator and Idealism vs Computational Simulations

    https://www.qcc.cuny.edu/socialsciences/ppecorino/intro_text/Chapter%204%20Metaphysics/Idealism.htm I'd say that simulations that involve some kind of computational machinery involve a physical existence even if it is a virtual physical existence like in Minecraft. And here is a simulation...
  4. excreationist

    Voice commands of a simulation's creator and text-to-3D, etc.

    In the Bible there is a creator that speaks things into existence using voice commands. In the future simulations could be initialized like this.... by using speech recognition to turn speech into text then AI could turn text into 3D, etc. Current text-to-3D technology...
  5. excreationist

    Cheating at arcade machines in clever ways

    I thought this video was really interesting - the mechanism he used in the shooting hoops game was especially clever....
  6. excreationist

    Split What is Genocide, holocide, neologisms for other -cides (split from “presuppositionalism question”)

    I wouldn't call that genocide because I think genocide involves targeting specific ethnicities or nations. On the other hand there's Deuteronomy 20:16-17:
  7. excreationist

    Humour with Rahab and the spies (from planned video game)

    I've got long term plans for a video game where you carry out genocide as part of God's people. I want to have some humour and I've got some ideas for a cinematic involving one of Jesus' ancestors, Rahab the prostitute. The graphics would look very close to Minecraft except you'd be able to chop...
  8. excreationist

    Jews not writing or pronouncing God's name...

    https://www.jccmb.com/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/1333937/jewish/Writing-G-d.htm In the Torah (start of the OT) God's name was written as YHWH because I think they didn't write down any of the vowels in Hebrew so that copies could be created more cheaply...
  9. excreationist

    Chinese anti-black racism

    On the right is the original - on the right side is "Finn" - a black character The original is on the right side: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2020/04/14/mcdonalds-apologizes-after-china-restaurant-bans-black-people/2991341001/ Then there are stories of Chinese...
  10. excreationist

    Answers in Genesis and fractals

    https://answersingenesis.org/mathematics/fractals/ This would be yet another reason why creationists would have their faith strengthened by assuming these are good reasons to believe. Also: 55:12 55:34
  11. excreationist

    Can any book test faith as much as the Bible?

    One thing I find interesting about the Bible is that it includes so many problematic ideas yet many intelligent people are able to justify their belief in it - and keep their faith even when there is severe cognitive dissonance (perhaps because there is the threat of hell and the promise of...
  12. excreationist

    Crazy unicode (found on Adult Swim youtube video)

    From Â̷̮̅̃d̶͖͊̔̔̃̈́̊̈́͗̕u̷̧͕̱̹͍̫̖̼̫̒̕͜l̴̦̽̾̃̌̋͋ṱ̵̩̦͎͐͝ S̷̩̝̜̓w̶̨̛͚͕͈̣̺̦̭̝̍̓̄̒̒́͘͜͠ȉ̷m: Special Broadcast S̷͚͕͊̆̄͐̿̇̋͘͠͝ͅe̴̺̘̮͕̺̗͋́̈̀̿̀́̀́̚t̷͕̪͍̰̽͐̑̈͠ͅt̸̡͉͈͓͓͍̪̭̞͐̅̑́l̴͍̅ȇ̷̙͕̥̈̃̆͂͒̆͋́͝ ̷̮̪͍̘͓̩̘̏̄̀̽̄̀́͆̂͠i̷̢̞̣̥͑͆ṅ̶̡̗̭͓͋̎̌̈́́͂̀̉ ̵̛͉͉̻̙͛͆͐͘̕ͅf̴̢̘̰͈̰̊͜ǭ̶̳̹́ŗ̴͍̗̼̯͚͉̀̃͗͂̈́̓͑...
  13. excreationist

    Mental elements within a simulation

    I'm not sure what the best terms are but it is related to neural networks that are loosely based on those in brains - so it is "mental". In a physical universe the building blocks are sub-atomic particles. Some critics say that a simulation must be on the sub-atomic level. In modern video...
  14. excreationist

    OpenAI benefiting all of humanity and its AI's morality

    OpenAI says "Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity" That is opposed to a somewhat widespread fear that AI could eventually be very bad for humanity. In their DALL-E 2 text to image AI, "We’ve limited the ability for DALL·E 2 to generate violent...
  15. excreationist

    OpenAI's impressive text-based AI

    You can sign up for it - here are some examples.... https://beta.openai.com/playground
  16. excreationist

    Do you think any aliens exist in the universe?

    Elon Musk talking about aliens: 1:39 Elon Musk has also said he thinks we're probably in a simulation/video game: Then there is this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exoplanet As a believer in the video game explanation my explanation for the apparent absence of aliens is to keep the costs...
  17. excreationist

    "I am the Beginning and the End" - God

    Revelation 1:8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 21:6a He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Revelation 22:13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the...
  18. excreationist

    "God does not play dice" and a non-obvious God

    Albert Einstein said: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/god-does-not-play-dice-quote-meaning-2015-11 Stephen Hawking replied: https://www.hawking.org.uk/in-words/lectures/does-god-play-dice I believe I'm probably in a simulation and that there is a non-obvious intelligent force.... In...
  19. excreationist

    Your Favorite Charity

  20. excreationist

    Unmarried Christians - and maybe Paul was gay?

    My sisters want to find husbands and I was saying to my father that apparently there is a passage that said that it can be good to not to be married: 1 Corinthians 7:8-9 My father, who I think is an elder in a Lutheran church, said that Paul might have been a homosexual. That made me think of...
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