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    Political Rant Funny Images II

    Naturally, that tweet is gone. My comment on another one of his:
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    Joke gallery

    He: "One time I farted so long, I thought my butt would need to take a break to catch its breath." Interviewer: ....."And a weakness?"
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    First real evidence presented the Biden POTUS election really was a fraud

    The first thing to happen after suspending the Constitution would be shipping his sorry ass to Gitmo.
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    First real evidence presented the Biden POTUS election really was a fraud

    This wouldn’t be hard if you pumped it full of Viagra.
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    What are you reading?

    Pictures of Nothing: Abstract Art Since Pollock by art historian Kirk Varnedoe, the former chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art.
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    And the deniers are at it again

    A judge took care of it for him, ordering the supervisors to meet by 5pm yesterday to certify by 5pm. One R and one D met at 3:30; another R didn’t show up. They certified. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/12/01/arizona-cochise-county-kari-lake-sanctions/ Meanwhile, a Federal judge...
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    Christine McVie RIP

    From Fleetwood Mac (the blues one) to Mystery to Me (Bob Welch era) to to Rumours to Tusk seems like different groups to me. But YMMV.
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    Christine McVie RIP

    Nope, no idea. Were they any good?
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    Christine McVie RIP

    I think Fleetwood Mac came in more flavors than any other group I’ve encountered.
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    Christine McVie RIP

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/obituaries/2022/11/30/christine-mcvie-fleetwood-mac-dies/ I know 79 years is a pretty good run, but damn, now I feel old.
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    And the deniers are at it again

    Or just don’t include those votes, take the gift of an extra seat in the House, and criminally charge the Republican supervisors for failing to obey the law. The MAGAs can scream all they want about votes not being counted while their own people are on trial for preventing them from being counted.
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    Which movie did you watch today and how would you rate it?

    I read about how they did it, buying mass quantities of tickets after un-won jackpot money was "rolled down" to lower tiers of winners. Interesting story about finding and legally exploiting a loophole.
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    Twitter likely to take idiots offer to buy them for $43 billion

    MAGA2020! https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-55337192.amp
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    NFL 2022/2023

    There’s enough precedent holding celebrity endorsers liable to make Brady uncomfortable. And those endorsers were hawking stuff that typically sold for less than $100. As for the Bills, if they’re stranded, they can forfeit. They have no excuse.
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    NFL 2022/2023

    Meanwhile, off the field, Tom Brady and others are being sued by investors in the failed FTX exchange. David Boies, a name many of you will recognize, is lead attorney. These investors probably have very deep pockets, and will be out for blood. Tom may have to keep playing even if he doesn’t...
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    Trump 2024?

    F-Head is expected to announce his candidacy today. I’m investing in popcorn futures.
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    NFL 2022/2023

    And then there were none. The Eagles, the last unbeaten team, lose to the Commodes, at home no less. The obnoxious ‘72 Dolphins can pop their champagne now.
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