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    Life After President Trump

    The government is utterly corrupt and your vote means nothing. They spend so much time raising funds that they couldn't do their actual jobs even if they wanted to, which they clearly do not. That's unlikely to change regardless of who gets elected.
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    Images that make you laugh

    You realize that it isn't burning and it has never been "on fire," right?
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    What did Pokemon Go do for you?

    Annoyed me.
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    Words you do NOT want in your obituary

    "Fox News reports..."
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    Boots on the ground in Syria?

    How many times, in recent decades, have we tried military intervention in the middle east? How many times has it helped a given situation? How many times has it, in fact, made said situation worse, sometimes exponentially so? Honestly, some people need to pull their heads out and get some air...
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    Who are your favourite saxophonists?

    Paul Desmond for jazz, Junior Walker for pop. Honorable mention to Clarence Clemons though. Most surprising (maybe it's just me)? Eddie Money
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    What music are you listening to right now? (Warning: Lotsa videos)

    Snake Farm - Ray Wylie Hubbard
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    Things that make you laugh...

    Off the couch? I wish I could cure my one year old yorkie form running up my body when I'm in my recliner and curling up on my head. I'd be happy for him to stay on the couch instead. Re. his name, when I first got him I was at work. I had a diet coke that said, "Have a coke with your Buddy."...
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    Images that make you laugh

    "If I were king of the forest..."
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    I weep for humanity

    The long history of life on earth is one of evolution and extinction. Did you think there was something special about us?
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    Mourning Number 24: The selfless life and tragic death of Zaevion Dobson.

    In country after country, more stringent gun control improves the situation. Why do so many otherwise seemingly rational people refuse to accept the clear, unequivocal evidence. Aren't we supposed to be rational?
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    Europe submits voluntarily

    http://www.newsweek.com/there-no-such-thing-race-283123 Why do so many of you people continually try to perpetuate something that's clearly a myth. Oh, wait. I see. Kind of like the climate change thing or the religion thing, huh?
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    Invading Syria (Iraq 2). Yay or nay?

    We created many of the middle east's issues by interfering. Why does anyone thing that more of the same is an intelligent solution?
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    A real World Series?

    Yeah, I thought you Canuckistani bastitches were s'posed to be polite. BTW, they attributed one error to someone else but I was watching. Elvis Andrus committed three errors on three consecutive at bats.
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    How do you solve a problem like Syria?

    I don't really know what the solution is or if there is a solution. I only know that our interference led (just in my lifetime) to the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Taliban, Qhaddafi, Daesh... We don't learn from our mistakes. Clearly, neither does Russia.
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    Caption Contest

    LOL, whut.
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    Images that make you laugh

    If you try and take a cat apart to see how it works, the first thing you have on your hands is a nonworking cat.
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    Are we now going to have protests every time a black criminal is killed?

    Note that this is in no way meant to point out our differences in spelling but rather to agree completely. In the civilized world...
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    Illegal Immigration - Trump's Fearless Truth to PC Power

    I've read that since 2010, the net illegal immigration from Mexico has been 0 or below. Do you know what we're fighting about? Whatever the owners of our "freely elected ™" government want us to. Bread and circuses, people.
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    Bernie Sanders's Charming, Perfectly Awful Plan to Save Higher Education

    Voluntary but almost absolutely necessary in today's society.
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