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  1. ZiprHead

    Day without stupid: redux

    How can Biden be doing nothing if these people are being apprehended? This makes no sense.
  2. ZiprHead

    Biden wants to Appoint Communist to take over Banking: Scary & Unbelievable

    Staff Notice - Just because you started the thread doesn't give you permission to derail it. You need to stick to the topic.
  3. ZiprHead

    Caption Contest

    @Wiploc wins it.
  4. ZiprHead

    Jackie Johnson

    https://www.news4jax.com/news/georgia/2021/09/03/opposing-attorneys-had-raised-flags-about-former-brunswick-da-jackie-johnson/ More evidence of misconduct in the story.
  5. ZiprHead

    So what's next for Trump?

  6. ZiprHead

    So what's next for Trump?

    Cracks in the armor? A QAnon nutter may finally be getting it. "Dooming" refers to speaking aloud the realization that the Q BS might be false.
  7. ZiprHead

    Rep. Gosar Faces Censure for AOC Murder Video, Refuses to Apologize. Sister Calls Him a "Sociopath."

    I wonder when fist fights will break out on the floor.
  8. ZiprHead

    The Marjorie Taylor Greene case

    No. No cancel culture amongst Republicans.
  9. ZiprHead

    Black Jogger Gunned Down In The Street

  10. ZiprHead

    Death By Radiation Exposure

    That's my guess too.
  11. ZiprHead

    What Movie Is This? - Only Give Wrong Answers

    Falling Down
  12. ZiprHead

    Black Jogger Gunned Down In The Street

    How can it be a strawman? Toni used your own words.
  13. ZiprHead

    Death By Radiation Exposure

    Speaking of NIMBYs, I drove down to Lansing a few weeks ago. In one area of the two lane highway populated by farms and rural single family homes, almost every property had "REJECT WINDMILLS" signs. I don't understand the problems people have with windmills.
  14. ZiprHead

    Conspiracy Theories: WaPo Quiz

    Read it again:
  15. ZiprHead

    Conspiracy Theories: WaPo Quiz

  16. ZiprHead

    Surge protectors

    Something my sister didn't know and it cost her, when the light on the supressor starts twinkling that means the supressor is worn out and needs to be replaced.
  17. ZiprHead

    Public schools aren't teaching Critical Race Theory.

    And yet the Russians accepted that data in lieu of that debt.
  18. ZiprHead

    How ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ became code for insulting Joe Biden

  19. ZiprHead

    Caption Contest

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