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  1. Lion IRC

    Can Animals Consent to Sex (thread split)

    Adult animals routinely give consent to sexual activity. #Discovery_Channel https: /en.m. wikipedia. org/ wiki / Naturalistic_fallacy
  2. Lion IRC

    RIP Mike S Adams Another #Cancel_Culture head on a stake

    Pro life champion. https://twitter.com/mikesadams?lang=en Defender of free speech and free thought. - https://townhall.com/columnists/mikeadams/ "...a man who faced an avalanche of unjust hatred in his life, who had to fight for years to vindicate his most basic constitutional rights, and who...
  3. Lion IRC

    Johnson & Johnson Finally Ban Cultural Mis-Appropriation Products

    Johnson & Johnson To Cease Selling Skin-Whitening Lotions Breaking news. 6 hours ago https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/19/business/johnson-and-johnson-skin-whitening-cream.html White people are applauding the woke company's brave decision. Skin whitening creams and lotions, euphemistically...
  4. Lion IRC

    Ravi Zacharias - no deathbed conversion to atheism. R.I.P.

    Pro-lifer, Christian apologist, former skeptic, philosopher. ...shared a birthday with Richard Dawkins (26th March) Died 19th May, very soon after having being diagnosed with sarcoma. Ravi Zacharias' great rhetorical method was to use his opponents own method of reasoning against them...
  5. Lion IRC

    Is there an afterlife?

    [moderator’s note: This thread is a derail split from the WSJ lying thread in Secular Lifestyles since this part of the discussion is not about the merits of telling lies to kids but is about whether or not an afterlife exists. The thread in Secular lifestyles assumes it does not because it...
  6. Lion IRC

    Atheists should step up

    I have always thought atheists should step up and meet their burden of persuasion. You either believe there's no God(s) in which case you are a believer, (LOL. See what I did there?) or you have some sort of objective, empirical evidence to support your claim. Bring it!
  7. Lion IRC

    The Case For Christ - A defence of Lee Strobel's 1998 apologetic book

    In another thread where this author and his book were mentioned, folks were tossing around abusive ad homs and No True Scotsman pejoratives because the guy states that he used to be an atheist. Perhaps some 'real' atheists here can muster the energy to put up a substantive counter-apologetic...
  8. Lion IRC

    Gender specific taxation (Sales Tax)

    Australian tampon tax scrapped as host of new laws start in 2019 https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/australia/australian-tampon-tax-scrapped-as-new-laws-start-in-2019-ng-b881062155z Is a tax on feminine hygiene products a gender specific tax on the users of those products? Or is it a tax on the...
  9. Lion IRC

    Parent(s) : there's been a rise in youth mental illness

    From today's current affairs news.... https : // www,abc.net.au/radio/programs/am/australian-youth-faces-a-surge-in-mental-health-concerns/10560896 Mental illness is increasing in Australia Religion is a mental illness Therefore atheism is...uh...well...it's um...where was I...gee I kinda lost...
  10. Lion IRC

    Pope Benedict XVI alone sacked 384!!!

    Vatican shows proof that it sacked 848 'priests' who raped or molested children and that it punished another 2,572 who were suspected of being pedophiles. Pope Benedict XVI alone sacked 384 in two years!!! The Vatican's U.N. ambassador in Geneva, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, released the...
  11. Lion IRC

    True Christian Diocese fires 42 lying, faker, godless pedophiles.

    The Roman Catholic diocese in Buffalo has released the names of 42 'priests' dismissed for alleged sexual abuse of a minor. Good riddance! https://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/35855/20180321/buffalo-diocese-lists-42-priests-dismissed-for-alleged-abuse Cue the NTS fallacy chorus...
  12. Lion IRC

    Farewell Tiangong - 1

    Nice. Chinese space scientists lose control of their junk. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/529372/Chinese-space-station-crash-Tiangong-1-reentry-collision-fear-China "Heavenly Palace" I take it the Communist Party doesn't mean "Tian" in the sense of divinity.
  13. Lion IRC

    Politics vs Tradition - derail from Can we rename this forum

    The forum is US Presidential Politics. Sure, times have changed in the U.S. and there's a lot of dead Presidents turning in their graves. But Trump is what happens when respect for institutions and traditions gets flushed down the toilet. And it was the liberal Left who taught altright...
  14. Lion IRC

    Is mental illness increasing (along with secular atheism)?

    There's a Startling Increase in Major Depression Among Teens in the U.S. A 37 percent increase says; http://time.com/4572593/increase-depression-teens-teenage-mental-health/ Why is the mental health burden in Emergency Departments rising? Asks Clinical Psychiatry News...
  15. Lion IRC

    Science is our friend - says Lion IRC (is not, is too, is not, is too,)

    Time for a derail to drill down into this; And this; And this;
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