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    Has the FBI gone "Woke" or is that another move on, nothing to see here - 17 HBCUs receive bomb threats

    These are just coincidences - nothing whatsoever to do with race. Really, just because they are black does not mean these are hate crimes. That would mean they being treated differently by the FBI because of their race. We cannot have that!!!!!! At least 17 HBCUs receive bomb threats
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    Impeachment and Conviction Predictions

    What do you think the likelihood of the House impeaching President Trump? What do you think the likelihood of the Senate convicting the President Trump of impeachable offenses? I think the former is over 75% and the latter under 50%.
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    Trump Voters - Do you believe that President Trump won the election

    If you are a Trump voter, do you believe Mr. Trump won the election? If so, on what do you base your belief? If you do not believe Mr. Trump won the election, what is your view of his attempts to overturn the results?
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    Can thoughts be moral or immoral?

    I am not a regular in this particular subforum, so please excuse this OP if it is duplicative. I am interested in your thinking about this question. Do you think thought (or a thought) can be moral or immoral? I am not interested in whether there should be punishment or criminal liability...
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    Boogaloo Boi indicted for burning 3rd Precinct HQTRs in Minneapolis on the night of George Floyd Protest

    Remember the violence and rioting in Minneapolis after the George Floyd tragedy. Well. it wasn't all "antifa" or "#BLM" or some other bogeyman of the "right", but some of it was white supremacists...
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    Undecided Voters - a new view

    I lost the link to the story in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune about undecided voters. Its basic thesis is that the dwindling number of undecided voters are people who lean Republican but who fear what Mr. Biden might do and who strongly dislike Mr. Trump's style. Some of those interviewed...
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    Gettysburg, S.D. - Another Civil War battle lost by racists

    For those who think racism is mostly dead in the USA. Gettysburg, South Dakota is a small town (about 1,200 residents) founded 137 years ago by 180 former Union soldiers and one former Confederate Soldier In 2009, its then police chief put the Confederate flag on the insignia of the police...
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    Fans boo players kneeling during National Anthem

    Yeah, no problems with ignoramuses and racists in the good old USA. (https://www.espn.com/soccer/fc-dallas/story/4158666/fans-boo-players-who-take-a-knee-before-dallas-vs-nashville-in-mls
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    Nervous Republicans see Trump sinking and taking Senate with him

    Go figure. Republicans are beginning to realize that Mr. Trump's is self-sabotaging with his daily covid statements: (source: https://www.startribune.com/nervous-republicans-see-trump-sinking-and-taking-the-senate-with-him/569955512/)
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    Trump's narcisssim delays paper stimulus checks

    Recipients of the paper stimulus checks will have to wait even longer to receive them because Mr. Trump's name will appear on them: Apparently, the narcissist in chief wanted his signature on the checks, but that would violate the long standard policy of using a civil servant's signature in...
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    Trump Politicizies Coronoavirus Guidelines

    Today, in the mail, my household received a postcard from the CDC with the following title Slow the Spread President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines for America Frankly, Mr. Trump is one of the last people I would take medical or scientific advice from, so I wonder about the efficacy of the...
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    Neo-nazis and white supremacists are okay in US military as long as they are not "active"

    You would think that membership in a white supremacist or Neo-Nazi organization would mean an automatic discharge from the US military, but you would be wrong. (source...
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    "The Day Democracy Died"

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ue5F57dZMU A well done commentary on our President. The refrain is No, don’t let democracy die He’s a famous ignoramus Can’t tell truth from a lie And if he wins we’ll kiss our country goodbye Singin’ vote for anyone but this guy Vote for anyone but this guy
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    Impeachment fallout - Christianity Today calls for Trump's removal from office.

    Here is a big crack in Trump's base support - an evangelical outlet calls for Trump's removal from office (source: https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2019/december-web-only/trump-should-be-removed-from-office.html
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    Trump essentially calls the Federal Reserve an "enemy of the United States"

    After the Chairman of the Federal Reserve spoke the truth about the Fed's ability to counteract the effect of Mr. Trump's escalating trade war with China, Mr. Trump tweeted "My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?,”. The answer to his question is "Neither, Mr...
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    Ex-wife paying spousal support does not want her lottery-winning exhusband back or his money

    Here's an interesting story I ran across (https://www.yahoo.com/news/ex-wife-273-million-lottery-winner-not-want-back-morals-191620847.html) I realize this is just one case, but it does indicate that the usual frothing at the mouth about how divorce law is biased against men and how ex-wives...
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    How many accusers need to come forward before you believe the accused is guilty?

    How many accusers need to come forward before you believe the accused is guilty? This is a general question and does not require that any accusation or accuser necessarily appears credible. And please don't introduce legal arguments - this is not about the justice system.
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    Why are male accusers of decades old sexual assault/rape seeminly treated more benignly than female accusers of decades old sexual assault/rape?

    Someone brought up a good point in a recent Op-ed piece. Why is it that men who bring decades old accusations of child molestation by priests are not generally not accused of ruining reputationsare believed and praised for coming forward, but women who bring decades old accusations of sexual...
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    Zimmerman threatens Beyonce and is charged with stalking a producer.

    George Zimmerman just cannot help himself. (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/09/09/beyonce-jay-z-threatened-by-george-zimmerman-over-trayvon-martin-documentary-report-says.html) and...
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    NRA officials met with Russian officials

    I guess I am out of the loop, but I was surprised to learn that the NRA is being investigated for possible funneling of Russian money into supporting the Trump campaign for the Presidency...
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