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    The for-profit college industry: An education in moral depravity

    John Oliver had a great show a few weeks ago skewering the for-profit higher “education” industry. Here are some of the things he discussed about for profit colleges: Student loan debt is 3 times higher at these schools than for public college students. The cost is 5 times higher than...
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    Political differences in what is immoral

    Mods: I just realized this might be better placed in "politics" This new study shows how conservatives and liberals differ in morality. They had 1500 people respond 5 times per day for 3 days to randomly timed probes sent to them on their cell phones. Each of the 15 probes asked whether in...
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    Are there any ethical implications of aborting for any reason or via any method?

    This question is directed at those who (like myself) are in full support of the mother's legal right to abort for any reason, at least until the third tri-mester. That legal right is an entirely separate question from whether there are any ethical implications of such abortions, since what is...
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    NBA comes down hard on racist owner: Fox News defends him

    3 days ago the owner of the LA Clippers NBA team said in a secret recording by his girlfriend that he did not want her hanging out with black people (in this case Magic Johnson) or bringing black people to his games. There has been a national firestorm over this (surprised no threads here yet)...
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