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    My Published Paper By The Secular Web (covers The Origin Of Evil)

    Hello everyone. I am The Vice President & Social Media Manager for The Secular Web's Board. My published piece on evil's origin and theistic hard determinism has been getting good attention. John W. Loftus mentioned it as well...
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    My Third Richard Carrier Interview

    Here is my short published paper, which is a Secular Web Library Piece: https://infidels.org/library/modern/edouard-tahmizian-cause-of-evil/
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    My Third Richard Carrier Interview

    I posted it in a more proper forum. Thanks!
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    My Third Richard Carrier Interview

    Check it out: Peace, Edouard Tahmizian Vice President of Internet Infidels Board
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    John W. Loftus Interview & Richard Carrier Interview

    Hello folks! So, as you may know, as well as serving on The Secular Web's Board of Directors and being a Library Author, I am the creator of Freethinker Podcast, where I interview some top profile people, mostly scholars, but other types of people as well. Here are some of my favorite...
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    Hello! I serve on the board of directors for The Secular Web!

    Yeah, I still live here. It's alright. There's a really good restaurant (expensive as hell, though) near my house that I regularly eat at. Other than that, nothing exciting at all. I really wish I were somewhere cool, like South Korea or New York. Oh well...
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    Hello! I serve on the board of directors for The Secular Web!

    Hello everyone! My name is Edouard, and I am the Social Media manager for The Secular Web. I have a published paper under the Modern Library Section called God Is Either The Efficient Or Final Cause Of Evil (2020). Here's the link to it...
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