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  1. Mediancat

    I Was a Communist for the FBI

    On the chance anyone has any interest in a prime example of Red Scare entertainment, I commend to you the radio show I Was a Communist for the FBI. Based on the dubious exploits of Matt Cvetic as well, a communist for the FBI, every episode features Dana Andrews (who far outacts the material) as...
  2. Mediancat

    Read any good books lately?

    Anyone read any good history books recently? I'm about to read one on the sinking of the Andrea Doria, and have a biography of Jennie Jerome Chuchill waiting in the wings. Rob
  3. Mediancat

    Going to San Diego

    -- in May for three full days on the ground. One day, I'm going to the Zoo, because I have literally wanted to go there for over 30 years. Another day, I'm going to devote to nature. Anyone have any suggestions for the third day? Rob
  4. Mediancat

    Cooking disasters

    Long ago and far away, on a Board Very Much Like This One, there was a cooking disaster thread -- when things when horribly wrong in your kitchen. The best I've ever been able to contribute is my attempting making of breadsticks with Italian seasoning: Baked, coated in butter, sprinkled with...
  5. Mediancat

    "Fanny" in British and American English

    I'm aware that the word "fanny," which in American English is an extremely mild term for a person's buttocks, is a more vulgar term referring to a part of the female anatomy in British English. "Fanny" or a variant thereof was also the name of at least two American celebrities over the years...
  6. Mediancat


    I am in the middle of a severe cold and cannot take mist regular cough medicines due to interactions with other drugs I'm taking. I was finally able to procure some Bucklet's, the legenday Canadian cough medicine. Their slogan is: It tastes terrible. And it works. I can confirm it tastes...
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