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  1. Shadowy Man

    Supreme Court under Biden

    Should an opening on the Supreme Court happen during the Biden administration, what excuses do you think the Republicans will use to attempt to deny Biden from filling the seat? If Biden’s election was fraudulent, do we need to wait until a proper election so the people get their say? Is it too...
  2. Shadowy Man

    Justice Job Interview Questions

    Listening to the hearings on Judge Barrett, it seems to me that judges seem to not have to answer any relevant question lest they give clues as to how they might rule in future cases. What questions are there that they would be willing to answer that actually is relevant to their potential...
  3. Shadowy Man

    Free and fair election

    If Trump truly cared about a free and fair election he would have a plan to ensure one instead of plans to litigate the results. In a very rare moment of honesty he once admitted that if more people voted Republicans wouldn’t win elections. That is how you know that Trump and the Republicans...
  4. Shadowy Man

    Elizabeth Warren

    So, does anyone else here think that Elizabeth Warren voting *for* Ben Carson will be her downfall? I apologize if there's already a thread on this.
  5. Shadowy Man

    Free (or very cheap) website hosting recommendation requested

    Hi... I have a very simple website that I use to post photos and trip reports and I've been using freehosting.com lately for it. But I've been unhappy with the performance even on something so simple as hard-coded HTML with a little CSS. I used to use hostmonster, but it was getting too...
  6. Shadowy Man

    What should I binge watch on Netflix next?

    So, I've been watching tv series on Netflix and I've come to a pause in my watch list. My recent series watched are (in reverse chronological order): Better Call Saul, season 1; Daredevil, season 2; all of Breaking Bad; Person of Interest, season 1 and 8 episodes of season 2; Jessica Jones...
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