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  1. couch_sloth

    Your top 10 reasons for rejecting Christianity

    This is pretty much what I believe. I was raised an Episcopalian and became a born again type Christian when I was 17. The number 1 thing that eventually led me to reject Christianity was the realization that religious faith was a horrible method for: determining what is-or-isn’t real, and...
  2. couch_sloth

    What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

    The Lincoln Lawyer (2022, 10 episodes, Netflix). 5/10. It’s a law & crime series that follows a defense attorney who does much of his work while being chauffeured around in his Lincoln Continental. After watching the first 5 episodes, I read a review of the series in which the reviewer...
  3. couch_sloth

    The Southern Baptist Convention

    In the news… For decades, Southern Baptist leadership covered up sex abuse by their clergy. https://apnews.com/article/baptist-religion-sexual-abuse-by-clergy-southern-convention-bfdbe64389790630488f854c3dae3fd5
  4. couch_sloth

    The Alleged Troubles With Atheism

    I haven’t heard #10 in a while…. If I remember correctly this comes from a Christian psychology professor in New York. The idea is that atheism comes from having a father who is too strict (too much of a disciplinarian) or from having a father who is too soft (not enough of a disciplinarian)...
  5. couch_sloth

    The Life Transformed by Christ

    I would think that most religions have the potential to help people stop some of their destructive habits. That's part of the reason religious beliefs have so much appeal. Many things can be used to induce an epiphany (e.g. Sensory deprivation, fasting, EST, Scientology, LSD). A...
  6. couch_sloth

    What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

    Midnight Mass -- 8/10 Netflix, miniseries, 7 hours total. A supernatural horror story that takes place in a small U.S. island community. Great dialog and plot. It's an interesting use of a horror genre that's been used over and over again. A couple of the lead characters quote the...
  7. couch_sloth

    Which movie did you watch today and how would you rate it?

    I wasn’t really a big fan of it when it came out. I thought it was an okay movie. I think the inclusion of the song ‘Raindrops keep falling on head’ ended up being a smart move. It eventually became a big hit song and helped with the film’s popularity, the first couple years it was out.
  8. couch_sloth

    Richard Carrier vs. the Flavian and Constantinian Jesus-Myth Theories

    Back when this forum was FRDB, Mountainman constantly pushed this theory in the Biblical Criticism & History section. And he would sometimes try to hijack topics which didn't directly deal with his ludicrous theory. I found it disruptive. Seems like it went on for a couple years. I wish...
  9. couch_sloth

    So what's next for Trump?

    Trump has now fired the head of homeland security’s cybersecurity dept., most likely over his analysis of the election https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/17/trump-says-us-cybersecurity-chief-chris-krebs-has-been-terminated.html
  10. couch_sloth

    2020 Election Results

    Not to mention that Trump has always made claims of voter fraud throughout his term as president, none of which has ever panned-out to anything close to being significant. e.g. Including: Claiming that he won the popular vote in 2016. Claiming significant voter fraud would probably...
  11. couch_sloth

    Which movie did you watch today and how would you rate it?

    I hadn't heard of this movie, so I looked it up... Apparently it has a lot of good actors, but the film itself is awful. Film critics Richard Schickel and Roger Ebert both said that the movie is so very awful that it is actually entertaining to watch, i.e. It's full of unintentional humor.
  12. couch_sloth

    Which movie did you watch today and how would you rate it?

    It came out the same year as another Stewart and Novak film, Vertigo (1958).
  13. couch_sloth

    What TV are you watching and how would you rate it? [Revive from FRDB]

    Altered Carbon ---- on Netflix. The second season is now out. It's a sci-fi series which delves into the pros and cons of immortality... with a lot of fighting and nudity ;) The special effects are great for both seasons. I found the story-line plots a little weak the first season, but...
  14. couch_sloth

    Christian Rants

    And when something horrible does happen to Christians, many of them seem dismayed and wondering aloud Why God would let this happen. Back when I was a born-again type Christian, that response by other Christians really surprised me. I wondered if they didn't know that bad things happened...
  15. couch_sloth

    Was Japan ever a real threat to the USA in WW2?

    I've heard that by the time the second bomb was dropped, Hirohito was probably in favor of surrendering to the Americans before the Soviets were prepared to send troops into Japan. i.e. The Emperor didn't want Russian troops in Japan. He may have used the dropping of the A-bombs (neither...
  16. couch_sloth

    Government Take Over Of Pharmaceutical Production

    I haven’t kept up with much of the recent news.... I know that it seemed like the U.S. was paying for the bulk of the research & development cost for drugs (More so than even other first-world countries). e.g. A particular new drug might cost a company 5 cents per pill to manufacture...
  17. couch_sloth

    Government Take Over Of Pharmaceutical Production

    There had been some talk of nonprofit hospitals banding together and manufacturing their own genetic drugs. Perhaps something like this could be expanded to make cheap generics available to all...
  18. couch_sloth

    Pop Music sounding more and more the same

    I would assume that they weren’t promoting such behavior (or thoughts), only that they do exist; and that there is some entertainment value in writing from a perverse perspective. I don’t remember people making a big deal about that song when came out. It was on the Rubber Soul album, with...
  19. couch_sloth

    Pop Music sounding more and more the same

    I wonder what his take on Mack the Knife would have been?
  20. couch_sloth

    Scientology sanctioned child sexual abuse

    I don’t think there are necessarily people in the FBI working for Scientology. Scientology is notoriously litigious, and it is also good at rallying its members (some who are famous) to claim Scientologists are being persecuted. And when members are being mistreated, by the church, they’ll...
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