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    America First, Protect and Preserve Our Constitution.

    For most of my life, I've heard Republicans go on and on about how important the constitution is. We need to follow the constitution. The constitution is sacred. I've seen the "America First, Protect and Preserve our Constitution" bumper sticker so many times right next to a "Trump/Pence"...
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    How should west respond to potential (likely) Russian invasion of Ukraine?

    Russia is at it again: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/russia-planning-massive-military-offensive-against-ukraine-involving-175-000-troops-u-s-intelligence-warns/ar-AARrLIF?ocid=msedgntp I don't think that severe economic consequences are going to deter Russia. I know that the west has...
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    136 countries agree to minimum corporate tax rate

    It appears that 136 countries are very close to approving a world wide minimum wage for corporations. Ireland has always been hesitant to this as they have greatly benefited by offering very low taxes in order to attract high paying corporate headquarter jobs to their country. It also appears...
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    White women voting for Trump increased in 2020. WHAT the heck?!!

    In another thread, I wanted to see if the % of white women voting for Trump increased or decreased in 2020. I was stunned to see that it increased to 55% in 2020 vs 47% in 2016. That's just such a shocking number that I thought it deserved it's own thread...
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    Anti-Vaxxers Not feeling the Enchantment

    I really feel that anti-vaxxers and anti government/anti science people really ought to just stay at home at protest to the hand. I think that they are free to their opinion, but then they should just stay the hell away from others. Don't put others at risk due to your crazy beliefs. The...
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    The Oregon Lottery - I'm in!

    Oregon is starting a lottery for people who have been vaccinated. The winner will get a $1,000,000. There will also be winners from each county: $10,000 each. Scholarship money and etc. Unfortunately, those people who are classified as having "shit for brains" (technical term for those who...
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    Sidney Powell: You GO GIRL!

    The democrats finally have a Ralph Nader! An ideolog willing to hurt her side in order to make a political point...
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    Message to Biden Voters: stop the street lingo!

    Biden won. Great news. He gave a great speech last night. One of the best acceptance speeches that I've heard. But I think that as democrats, we need to be circumspect. We performed far less than expected. We were expected to increase our lead in the House, perhaps take the senate, and...
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    Trump gets another foreign policy victory: Bahrain

    I'm as hard on Don the Con as anyone. I think that his long term foreign policy is destroying our historic alliances and weakening our soft power. However, I have to give credit that his foreign policy is having some victories. There seems to be a general reduction in tensions in the ME. The...
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    Conservatives politicizing forest fires

    Oregon is on fire. I'm spending a week in Salem this week: very poor timing! It was night all day Tuesday. Thousands and thousands of acres are on fire. Entire towns like Detroit, Idanha, Mill City, and several others are gone. The word with the conservatives is that it's all Kate Brown's...
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    Rose McGowan: STFU

    I'm really starting to hate Rose McGowan. After the democratic convention, she called Biden and D's: Monsters and Frauds. https://www.newsweek.com/what-rose-mcgowan-said-joe-biden-democrats-1526778 She also asked what have the democrats done to help the poor. Well gosh Rose, I don't know...
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    What should be done with the future Covid-19 Vaccine deniers?

    According to Dr. Antyony Fauci, a Covid vaccine could be coming that is 70% or higher effect. However, a recent CNN poll found that perhaps 1/3 of Americans would not get vaccinated even if it were cheap and widely available...
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    Favorite Board Game

    What is your favorite Board Game? Mine is Dominion. It's such a great game. Great to play with kids. It's an easy game to learn but tons of different strategies.
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    Where's the Bernie Bump?

    I keep hearing that democrats should abandon the practice of going after moderates (ie the winning strategies adopted by Bill Clinton, Obama, and HRC's majority vote in 2016); and instead focus younger voters and the left disenfranchised who are just clammoring to vote. Well, it's not...
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    Is it immoral to kill a snowboarder?

    I'm asking the question somewhat tongue-in-cheek! However, I was skiing yesterday with my kids when all of a sudden an out of control boarder ran over my youngest daughter. Great big kid who ran into my 100lbs daughter. I thought that he had knocked her out. As I'm tending to her, and...
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    Trump says "TAKE THE LAND!"

    Trump has told his people that he wants them to steal people's private land, disregard environmental rules, and paint the fence black. And when the break the rules, he told them in advance that he will parden them...
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    Who's excited about the start of football season??!!

    Yahoo. I love the Oregon Ducks! Very excited. We plan to travel to Texas to watch their opening game vs Auburn. College football is number one for me. But also love the NFL (49ers). Who do you like and follow?
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    Guess who claims that the Mueller investigation was biased?!!!

    Ken Starr. https://www.foxnews.com/media/ken-starr-robert-mueller-grave-disservice-to-country What? I'm speechless that someone could be so blindly hypocritical!
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    Some good that could come out of the Abortion Heartbeat laws?

    I hate to point out the obvious: but liberals have lost the supreme court. It's over. 8 years of Bush and potentially 8 years of Trump has sealed this fate. However, maybe there could be some good things to come out of the draconian laws that are coming? I thought of a few: 1. No more...
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    Adopted vs birth kids - What's the difference??

    I woke up this morning to the following offensive CNN headline: "The Deliberate Deaths of 6 adopted kids" https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/06/us/hart-family-crash-inquest-searches/index.html What the hell? That's a very offensive headline. I have three "adopted kids". But they are my kids...
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