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  1. PyramidHead

    Tara Reade is a person who exists

    That is all
  2. PyramidHead

    Under capitalism, resources are allocated efficiently by the market

    Airlines are burning thousands of gallons of fuel flying empty 'ghost' planes so they can keep their flight slots during the coronavirus outbreak And for the smooth brains among us who will immediately say it can't be capitalism because it's in response to a government regulation and all...
  3. PyramidHead

    Bernie is not a socialist nor a communist

    He's a social democrat, and like all social democrats representing imperial settler-colonial states, his aim is not to end all oppression and exploitation but to channel its spoils to workers rather than capitalists in his own country. He critiques the billions of dollars that is concentrated...
  4. PyramidHead

    Bernie Sanders' opposition dossier

    Given that the centrist Democrats want Sanders to fail more than the Republicans do (and if you don't see this by now, there is a high probability you are one of those Democrats), it's likely to be the case that they have left no stone unturned with regards to "oppo" on him. So, by looking at...
  5. PyramidHead

    The emptiness of the term "authoritarian"

    One of the most liberating realizations I have come to in the past year or so is that the concept of "authoritarianism" is so vague and nonspecific as to be basically devoid of meaning. People apply it as a way of labeling a type of society they don't like, but this is not a useful way of...
  6. PyramidHead

    Trump is scared of Bernie, circa leaked 2018 recording

    Recording of Trump from 2018 Thread about Bernie's strength with disaffected Obama-Trump voters, independents, non-voters, and others in the varied bloc that gave Trump his election win in 2016. The narrative for most of the primary has been that Bernie doesn't appeal to anybody except the far...
  7. PyramidHead

    Blatant military coup in Bolivia

    Evo Morales has resigned the presidency of Bolivia after pressure from the military, and is now in exile in Mexico. The chain of events leading to this should be familiar: -South American nation, rich in a resource (in this case lithium) craved by Western capitalist powers -Popular leftist...
  8. PyramidHead

    November 5 elections: a taste of what's to come?

    In the last 24 hours, Progressive Andy Beshear is the new governor of Kentucky Socialist Joshua Cole just flipped Virginia's conservative District 28 Socialist Lee Carter just won re-election in District 50, also highly conservative Progressive Steve Schewel won re-election as mayor of...
  9. PyramidHead

    Sanders on how to enact a progressive agenda with a hostile Congress

    This is the difference between Sanders and not only Warren, but the entirety of the contenders for the nomination: This is what he means by "organizer-in chief", a term that evokes the working class as a sort of army, and not by accident. Take an issue like health care reform, for example...
  10. PyramidHead

    Libertarians 2020

    These people have exactly one political priority, and it warms the cockles of my shriveled heart to see it demonstrated yet again: This is the 3rd largest political party in the US, a very normal country
  11. PyramidHead

    In authoritarian regimes like Russia, mass media is beholden to advancing state propaganda and covering up the truth

    In the game, the Highway of Death is relocated to the fictional country of "Urzikstan", and the event in question was carried out by the Russians.
  12. PyramidHead

    Dialectical materialism

    This should be in politics if we're going by practical application, but it's a philosophical concept so I'm posting it here. I. Dialectical materialism is a combination of two ideas, dialectics and materialism. No big surprise there. What do these ideas mean, and why are they important if you...
  13. PyramidHead

    Learn about the actual left by reading Joseph Jamison's review of "The Socialist Manifesto" by Bhaskar Sunkara

    There frequently arises a great deal of confusion over the political spectrum on this forum, especially but not exclusively among Americans. In European and Asian countries, even highly developed capitalist ones, there are nonetheless fairly mainstream socialist and even communist parties, but...
  14. PyramidHead

    North Korean defector and her son die of starvation in South Korea after being denied welfare

    She died with her young son in an apartment in Seoul. People starve in the north because the nation is fighting against the limits of their productive capacity to feed everyone after being reduced to rubble by imperialists. People starve in the south because they see no obligation to make...
  15. PyramidHead

    Just imagine if this was an Iranian drone strike on a Western nation

    U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan The article also includes this graphic:
  16. PyramidHead

    The rise of "pundit brain" in American politics

    I'm listening to the latest Citations Needed podcast, which goes into Nate Silver's rise from a poker and baseball prediction junkie to a political commentator, following his impressive prediction of the 2008 electoral college result. I suggest everybody subscribe to them, they are awesome and...
  17. PyramidHead

    2nd round of Dem primary debates recap thread

    Surprised there's no thread for this like there was for the first round. What's everybody's take on the race after this week? No peeking at polls or NYT op-eds!
  18. PyramidHead

    All blacks are owed reparations

    I hesitated before deciding to make a thread on this, because over the past year it has become increasingly clear to me that this is actually a fairly center-right forum. I used to look at it as a bastion of the left, but that was before I knew what the left was about. The majority of users here...
  19. PyramidHead

    First they came for the anti-fascists

    Ted Cruz submits resolution to designate antifa as terrorists This is the wedge that opens the door to criminalizing dissent. Like BLM, there is no defining characteristic or membership charter that applies to all and only antifa protests. The term "antifa" is an umbrella that covers any...
  20. PyramidHead

    Richard D. Wolff video: 3 basic types of socialism

    I think this video could be instructive for the people (including myself, admittedly) who vacillate among multiple flavors of socialism when talking about it. Dr. Wolff is good at breaking down these ideas, even if he omits some important characteristics from the analysis. To sum up... 1...
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