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Interview with Adam Taylor on Abortion Apologetics

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May 23, 2023
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Interview with Adam Taylor on Abortion Apologetics

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Join Freethinker Podcast host Edouard Tahmizian and first-time Kiosk author (hot off the press!) Adam Taylor for a 20-minute interview on the anti-abortion apologetics of long-renowned Christian apologists like Norman Geisler and Paul Copan. Taylor shares what motivated him to take on this topic, whether the Bible actually describes the unborn as persons protected under the sixth commandment, and whether—imagining that the Bible does consider the unborn as persons with a right to life—nevertheless abortion might be biblically permitted as one of many exceptions to the ‘Thou Shalt not Kill’ commandment. After chewing on the free will-determinism debate for a bit, the interlocutors turn to reconciling the belief that life begins at conception with the high miscarriage rate within the first trimester and Taylor’s willingness to engage with criticisms of his critique. Check out this quick overview of the key issues that come up in Christian anti-abortion apologetics!

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As soon as I'm done with Lil Ns X, I am gonna have to hear this. Ever hear "abortion causes breast cancer"? Yeah. Guess what. When I was a kid, proofreading my mother's book, which was her life's work, after years as one of the Right To Life's first, best, and most prolific (ahem) propagandists... I realized as I read the galley proofs that she was wrong about abortion being the cause of breast cancer. But she was already SO wrong (as I am, too, often) that I'd already spent a lot of time looking for her mistakes (such as her typos!) (gee, why can't I see my own typos).

I had learned in science class that correlation was not causation. We had a married couple teaching the 5th/6th grade "Gifted" class (uggh) and I can remember them tag-teaming to teach us how to spot it. I also read my mom's so-called sources; I knew what lit or book came from Birthright USA and what came from the nearby college library, or our local public library, where I just about lived.

I used to sing a little parody ("used to" haha, "a" - right) to the Hallelujah chorus to mock my mom's literature for being wrong. Her pamphlet was titled "150 Complications of Legal Abortion" but her list contained a lot of repeated "causes of death," such as ... well, I sang "... Renal failure! Kidney failure! They're really different! 'Cause theyyyy're in my booook!"

I've said too much, allow me to provide the propaganda that my mom helped write.

The Inevitable Physical Complications of Abortion

Author: A.L.L. [A.L.L. - American Life League - and, her initials plus an L]


American Life League

In medical practice, there are few surgical procedures given so little attention and so underrated in its potential hazards as abortion. It is a commonly held view that complications are inevitable.

Finally, it is well-known among medical personnel that abortionists in general permanently reside at the bottom rung of the medical profession. They are shunned by their fellow physicians, not only because of the disreputable and filthy nature of their trade, but also because many abortionists are incompetent hacks who can find no other place to work as doctors.

Following are just a few of the inevitable major complications inflicted by the so-called 'safe and legal' abortion procedure.

It gets worse. Her pack of fellow pro-life propagandists invented "post-abortion syndrome (PAS)" - sure, all the guilt trips and slutshaming has nothing to do with it... the abhorrent argument after that line is yours to read.

I'll add one more disgusting quote to show you how they thought, and what their literature said (ohhh, do I do this?? ohhh noo).

Some abortionists kill babies almost as a sideline to their other immoral activities. After all, if a person kills babies, what is to hinder them from becoming involved in such trivia as dealing drugs or evading income taxes?

Absurd, right? Here's her sources and such.

Ann Saltenberger. Abortion: Choice or Chance?
Air-Plus Enterprises, Post Office Box 190, Garrisonville, Virginia 22463. 1987, 67 pages. This book is short, but covers a lot of ground. Four main sections cover many topics, including the methods of abortion, fetal development, the physical and psychological dangers of abortion, and insurance statistics on abortion.

Ann Saltenberger. Every Woman Has the Right to Know the Dangers of Legal Abortion.
1983, 237 pages. Order from Air-Plus Enterprises, Post Office Box [I remember the box number and the way to turn the dial to unlock it], Glassboro, New Jersey 08028, or Sun Life, Greystone, Thaxton, Virginia 24174, or Life Issues Bookshelf, Sun Life, Thaxton, Virginia 24174, telephone: (703) 586-4898. Reviewed by Michael M. Donovan, M.D., on page 19 of the December 1982 issue of ALL About Issues, and by Daniel J. Martin, M.D. on page 8 of the November 24, 1983 issue of National Right to Life News. This book goes into minute detail about every imaginable type of physical or psychological harm that could possibly arise from abortion. It also addresses the impact on other family members, particularly siblings. The appendix features over 300 references.

© American Life League BBS — 1-703-659-7111

This is a chapter of the Pro-Life Activist's Encyclopedia, published by American Life League.

Yup. every woman has a right to be dumb about legal abortion aah jk art cover paperback.jpg

When the movie "Mommie Dearest" came out, my friends teased me about how my mom did worse than dislike wire hangers.
...as I read the galley proofs that she was wrong about abortion being the cause of breast cancer.

Surely she wasn't saying abortion is THE cause of breastfeeding cancer. There's lots of other suspected causes.
...as I read the galley proofs that she was wrong about abortion being the cause of breast cancer.

Surely she wasn't saying abortion is THE cause of breastfeeding cancer. There's lots of other suspected causes.
I didn't say those words, perhaps your autocorrect has caused incorrect words in your post?

She literally said that abortion, the medical procedure that "interrupted pregnancy" to "murder" "innocent" "preborn" [she lost that fight in the Right to Life, they went with "unborn"] "children" [not "babies"] literally caused breast cancer.

She believed that these innocent lives should not be murdered for the crimes of their fathers, so, no exceptions for rape or incest. All fertilized eggs must result in healthy infants or else God.

Her book literally claimed to prove that abortion caused breast cancer.

I knew she was wrong when she wrote that wrong book.

She had to change her legal name, my fellow IIDB user.

The meme caught on, so well that now in 2024, that book is no longer cited as a reference. It had been, in the 2000s.

It is the source of the written words that I said she said and that her movement chose to perpetuate. She was and is wrong and so are they.
I didn't say those words, perhaps your autocorrect has caused incorrect words in your post?

I was looking for a direct quote from her stating abortion is "the" cause of breast cancer.

That's what you said, right?

That she held the view abortion is the sole, single cause of breast cancer.

That would be a very controversial claim and I'm trying to find a source.
If there is even a weak a causal link between abortion and breast cancer it would create a huge legal liability for abortion providers.

...given the huge number of women who get breast cancer.

...and the vehement denial of such a correlation by the abortion-on-demand lobby.
I said it was literally in her book. It's out of print, but, @Lion IRC , did you read her words on the page I linked to and quoted, above? Her other talking points are there.

Her angle was aimed at medical nonsense; she demonized abortion doctors as greedy butcher s in her pamphlet called "The Abortion Profiteers."

She liked alliteration and unusual words and ideas. Thanks, Mom. She tried to sell the Right to Life on her suggestion that pregnant women were seduced into murdering their otherwise healthy and wanted preborn children by "the lenis lure of abortion." It rhymed with a body part, one that she never blamed for the pregnancy, only for being complicit in the murder.

She wrote about "The Abortion Holocaust," too.

I said her book (above) was the first to claim that abortion caused breast cancer. She used charts that she got from old medical books at Glassboro State College. I had to help feed dimes into the copy machine in the library with and for her when I was a young child.

There were always authors trying to get their words into the movement, vying for legacy. I am hers.

I mean, you could try to search for some of the words and phrases, to see what was kept. They disliked "preborn," and went with "unborn," despite her endless letters about language.
Yes, I saw the other talking points in the link. Interesting but not what I was querying.

I gather she collaborated with other writers or wrote the American Life League piece entirely herself. It doesn't appear to include that particular claim. Did I miss it?

Is she referring to the book by Ann Saltenberger and claiming that Ann Saltenberger asserted abortion was the sole cause of breast cancer?

..in women who have abortions?
She was Ann at the time.

I think my reply and explanation have taken this thread far off topic.

I used the words that had meanings. I said what I said and I meant it literally. I imagine you may be a math expert, @Lion IRC , as it seems to me that plain English language is interpreted in an exciting and unique manner by your mind. I opine that the human mind learns languages in certain ways. Languages have rules.

You know the rules, and so do I.

Perhaps you are brilliant. Math's are symbol-based languages. English is ridiculous nonsense. It seems that you have special ways of consuming text, which is my speculation regarding your confusion here and in other threads.

Sorry to stray into personal postulates. I think you speak numbers. I can't possibly be more clear or plain in my language here, which is English, emmer effer. I do speak it. You? It's definitely interesting to see how you reply to all of the people here. I think I get it, but, my BFF the math whiz with Dyslexia would have to explain that part, I'm the Human Dictionary with Dyscalculia, how would I know mathematics?

Ok, I'll put my crystal 🔮 ball away and end the seance. The OP was not about this.
I have watched the video in the OP. I apologize for misconstruing the concept of "Abortion Apologetics" with the history of the language and propaganda used by the 20th Century Pro-Life movement. It was my fault for making the leap; when hasn't it been.
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