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Help Missio Nexus members? any Evangelical Christian researchers here, to help me access a paper?

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Janice Rael

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May 3, 2024
Jenkintown PA
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Missio Nexus member needed to help me read a paper for personal use and information about my biological family. No I am not a researcher, I am here seeking a researcher. Can anyone download and share this paper with me as a favor, please? It's an old report about a "Congo Medical Center." Can anyone get me past this gate? Thank you so much; my aunt was "a missionary in 'Africa'" from age 18 until elderly retirement, and she worked here as a midwife. I'm curious. Thanks.

Congo Medical Center Is Cooperative Work

webmasterJanuary 1, 1970

THE EVANGELICAL Medical Center is an intermission medical project in northeast Congo with spiritual objectives implemented by medical means.
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Thank you IIDB for letting me ask this here.
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