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  • I am so very glad that I don't live that life. Can you imagine being constantly enraged? No, thanks!
    Nice timing. Why do I feel unsurprised?

    I do love to leave words and punctuation when clarity is more obscure.
    Non-adult means fiction intended for a general audience; ie, non-erotic.
    I just scrolled down and saw bigfield's message. I posted something on there a few years back, but I won't confess to what it is! I have since changed the novella into a non-adult romance novella. I tried to have the title removed, but have not been able to do it.
    Where can I find your books? Are they available on Kindle? Just asking because I just noticed you mentioned your "last book" in Athena's thread. I'd like to check them out.
    I know: I once Googled Mendacious the Philosopher.

    Then I just Googled "define mendacious", and then cursed to myself.
    I just did a Google search for: "Mama help me. I'm looking at a naked blue eyed man".

    The Shower Girl, by bronzeage, published on literotica, was the first result.
    Ah - I get it now - to find the right one.

    Ages. Took me over 40 years to find Bilby. And NO! you can't have him - he's mine. :D LOL

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