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  • Your horse has a big green clown nose.
    22 years old this year… maybe my best friend.
    FWIW it now looks like that on my desktop.
    1st world problems... should I re-scale the photo to fit in the frame? Will it still look funny on other devices?
    Oh, what to do, what to do!
    Angry Floof
    Angry Floof
    I meant to say, yes, adjust the photo to put the green ball right on his nose.
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    I am so sorry about your dog. It's a terribly sad thing to say goodbye to a beloved friend even when we know it must happen someday.
    I'll take 'em!
    Seriously... I hope you can get some relief - at least from RA. It's just setting in on me now, and is no fun! Seems to reduce if I exercise so much that I can't tell it from "normal" over-exercising pain. Other than that, it's just a bear. And over-exercising hurts more than the RA itself at this point.
    > Thank you Wiploc! I have actually done some of that work myself, and it has given me a deep appreciation for good reading!

    A good reader is one whom I rarely want to correct. A great reader makes me realize I would have missed out if I'd been reading the book myself.

    Tull is a great reader, as are, curiously, those various people who read Donald E Westlake's books. Start--if you're interested--with The Hot Rock and then Bank Shot, and after that I don't think order matters.

    The Hot Rock was supposed to be a Parker book, a hard boiled crime story, but it kept turning funny, so Westlake had to invent a new cast to accommodate the humor.

    Don't watch any movies made from Westlake's movies. The Hot Rock, despite Redford and Segal, was indifferent. The rest are far worse. Not Westlake's fault.
    Don't feel obligated to listen to it. It's long but it's a good one to go back to on a rainy day or whatever.
    Re your comment about current headlines: schwiiiiiing!

    I keep thinking about Colbert when he heard that Hannity was named in court as one of Cohen's clients. If you didn't see it, they switched to an image of Hannity or something, and then when the camera turned back to Stephen, he was laying back in an armchair with a glass of wine and playing with his nipples. :glee:
    Yep, 2007, but still relevant. He only had to update the front matter and blog post.

    Every shit you meet who says "both sides are teh sames!!!" needs to read this in its entirely before opening their stupid mouths.
    I meant it, Gaynor.
    I dropped out of high school.
    It took 40+ years for any regrets to set in about it, but it is clear in retrospect that the last truly excellent teacher I had was in the 6th grade and I'd have stuck it out if there had been any of that caliber in high school.
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