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  • Can't bring myself to post in your Bella thread.

    I'm thinking of you both.
    Thank you.
    It was time.
    She passed here at home and the crematorium picked her up.
    That is good and sad news.

    Glad you get to keep the shed.

    Mum and dad lost their antique hills hoist.
    I fear it will be a 1/2 the gum it was, as of tomorrow, but I get to keep my shed intact so there is an upside :)

    Sorry for delay in answering, If next Christmas is 2018 as opposed to this Christmas of 2017 then yes. I'm often away around Christmas and obviously you'll only have a short window of opportunity as well but all things considered bring on the food :) (also a modicum of drink ;) )


    No it's fine--you didn't offend me. Tone doesn't always come across well in text--my response wasn't to correct you; I was just expressing my agreement. S'all good.
    I sent you a package today. Hope you have fun with it. I got to the post office and realized I didn't have your last name, so it's addressed to "Bill Gaynor." Hopefully your letter-carrier is as smart as mine.
    "I wouldn't worry about it Smoker. I think rednoise it simply trying to rile us up. I am actually ashamed of myself for responding to this thread, so will now ignore rednoise. There is a way certain users can be blocked, isn't there?"

    Yes there is:
    Click on the offending poster's username -> view profile. Then, in the profile view, click "Add to ignore list".

    There's even a "Complete ignore" option in your "General settings" of your settings to not even be aware of the ignored posters actions. (unfortunately, no way to enable to ignore the quotes have been found yet)
    Thanks Hylidae. We are having a blast and haven't posted much on here or FB. Don't want to bore people. :)

    I am loving meeting family - both Bilby's and mine - as well as making connection with our heritage.
    Hi Spike,

    I can imagine you did. :D

    Dad pulled up okay. He is still a little tender, but her is healing.

    Glad you are back. We missed you.
    :D About those sandwiches. I don't eat wheat and I bet you can imagine that there is not a lot of 100% rye bread in the vicinity of Katherine. I scoffed 6 slices of toast, the first day I was back. (shamefaced)

    Hope your Dad pulled up OK.
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