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    Why are so many fantasy names hard to pronounce?

    Ever see this movie? It's a comedy about fantasy/sci-fi writers and writing. From the people who made Napoleon Dynamite. It's hilarious. Has a cult following among fantasy/sci-fi fans as it doesn't really mock the genres as much as celebrate them. I've timestamped it at a classroom scene...
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    A Rundown of Structured Poetry

    Greetings, WAB! No, I don't believe we know each other. I'm afraid my poetry life and experiences are limited to the confines of my bedroom and online forums. I read it everyday, of course, and try and write several per month if I can. I am just a novice. My expertise and training is...
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    A Rundown of Structured Poetry

    I've loved poetry all my life and am an amateur poet. I participate on online poetry forums. I can offer my two cents: 1. For structured poetry, I've found the most popular forms to be as follows (and I've listed some poets who have written strong examples in some of these structured styles)...
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    Eddie Van Halen Has Died

    He's actually very lucky he lived as long as he did considering his lifestyle. He was a heavy drug abuser for several decades and a chain smoker as well for just as long. I recall reading in Sammy Hagar's autobiography that Eddie and Alex would have multiple ashtrays in every room with...
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    Batman - was it not good?

    The only problem with the 1989 Batman was that they killed off the Joker without there being much character development, story line, or conflict with Batman. It was much too soon and anti-climactic.
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    Favorite Board Game

    My favorite is Prosperity. Yes, Seaside is great too. I also like Intrigue because it is cutthroat and has a lot of "take that". I like Hinterlands too. Star Realms is another great deck-builder you might want to try if you like Dominion. I collect a lot of high quality, designer board...
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    Favorite Board Game

    I agree Dominion is an awesome game, one of my favorites. I also like Las Vegas, Dice Town, Machi Koro, Azul, Kingdom Builder, Ticket to Ride, Alhambra, and Star Realms.
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    Role Playing Games

    A lot of people still play this game. Still widely popular. Hope you have fun. And hopefully you play old school style with map and minis.
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    Example of event with 1 in 17 million odds

    Yeah, that makes sense. Your perception of not rolling a number look better when it is smoothed out over a period of games as opposed to over a period of rolls over the current game. Anyway, backgammon is a great game for realizing that rare events occur with regular frequency, according to...
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    Example of event with 1 in 17 million odds

    Here is an interesting video that shows a very unusual event that had only a 1 in 17 million chance of happening. I am a fan of the game of backgammon, love to play it and watch it. Here is a few minutes from a match between world champion Masayuki Mochizuki (“Mochy”) and Alexandra Knupfer...
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    Flat-Earth Resurgence

    So where exactly is the end(s) of the earth, so one may go there and see it?
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    Flat-Earth Resurgence

    What does a flat-earther have to say about when, during a lunar eclipse, the Earth's *round* shadow moves across the Moon?
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