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  • I always think of Mormons as being extremely delusional and often very racist. That, coupled with the region he’s from always made me think: Mormon. In a million years, I never would have consequenced Jewish. I have family members and friends who are Jewish. One family member who is Mormon.
    May the Flying Spaghetti Monster rain his noodly blessings upon you.
    Hah. I just sent myself th e following message. My brane does hurt.

    Thank YOU. I tend to read only books that people I respect say they enjoy, so the reading thread here supplies a few, or books that grab me from the library shelves. The first 2 of yours sound good to me.

    I'm going to give you the back-of-the-envelope-summary. Remembering that this is fiction, one of the characters talks about how film stock was developed (no pun intended) it "was optimised for white North-west European skins." and that makes images of other skins ... not quite right. She suggests that differing photographic design would make "blackness ... look ordinary, whiteness ... look odd."

    She talks about how sweaty Sydney Poitier was in In the Heat of the Night. It was at least partially because the lights were turned up full blast, because the cameras didn't "see" his skin. Metaphorical, huh?


    Hi Underseer. I am currently reading a book which has a concept that I think you would enjoy very much. Gnomon by Nick Harkaway p 194-195. I am way too lazy to copy 2 pages of text, and I suspect you would enjoy the entire book, if you haven't beaten me to it. Hope you're well. :)
    I tend to read on message content alone. You tend to incorporate past history of posting. When I read on I could see where you were coming from. Isn't the internet wonderful?

    Do you think the merger will expand our horizons, tear us to bits with the arguing or can we manage business as usual?
    Oh yeah, they think it's a gotcha. I get that.

    The fact that they think that an appeal to authority fallacy is a hum-dinger that will bring the house down and won the whole debate says much, particularly given that the authority in question is the very group they are trying to nationalize and disregard.
    Reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons when Marge developed a gambling habit. Kids neglected, money wasted, finally she admitted she had a problem and stopped. So Homer gloated that finally Marge was the one who sucked. "Sure, I did a million worse things, but YOUUUUU have a gambling problem!"
    On that last rep I meant to add the comment that it's the rightist's attempt at a "gotcha" question. I bet Sarah Palin would be real pleased. "Ha! You don't agree with everything that some other person of a relevant perspective has. YOu hypocriiiiiiiiites!" It's really the best they can do.
    Jason, I can't see whatever you wrote because you're on my ignore list. Please don't waste your time trying to talk to me.
    You know, I enjoy the rep system for the usual fun and frivolous reasons, but it occurred to me that sometimes a rep on a certain kind of post from a brilliant user can really mean something. (I don't expect this to happen too often.)
    I see you're still keeping up the Poe act, pretending to be a progressive that can't tell the difference between conservatives and libertarians. But your act is slipping, more people are realizing you are a conservative that hates libertarians.
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