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How to have unpleasant conversations about ethics


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Jan 8, 2001
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Just finished watching this taping of Truth Wanted. One of the calls was on the subject of antinatalism. It is a position that I think the host explains and justifies well. My only disagreement is that I would go further, and think that having one's own genetic children is slightly immoral and selfish (our cultures and genetics engineer it, however). Also, I have pessimistic views on the future of humanity for the next several decades largely due to climate change. Any children we bear now or in the very near future will suffer because of the irresponsible decisions of the adults today. People are very shortsighted and do not see it though.

Those are views I privately hold, but I have never held an extended public discussion about them with anyone else. Largely because of fear. It is a very new and shocking line of thought for people. They would likely be offended. The discussions could get heated and ugly. I dread that, but also dread keeping my honest thoughts to myself, while all this irresponsible behavior continues to be treated as normal and off-limits to question.

Do you have any very controversial opinions about the behaviors of other humans, where you think they are behaving unethically, and where you have in some form told them so? How have those turned out? Heated, or relaxed?

Do you just keep all your ethical opinions to yourself? How do you manage that? I do not want to go that route myself. People who are among the first to air their unpopular and risky opinions are brave to do so as well.

I have had several discussions (mostly online) about some controversial views. Mostly related to secularism/religion. On occasion they can get heated. Even so, they still have had some positive benefits. If the discussion never occurred, then those benefits never would have actualized.

This also relates to the taboo topics of politics and religion. We are supposed to avoid discussing those in public gatherings, even if they are very important. Instead, stick to small talk that will be sure to not upset anyone.


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Oct 6, 2008
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Sometime I think humans are a bit like cedars. That is our genetics incorporate options from pasts that may occur in the future. Nature is pretty regular even cyclic over relatively short intervals like a dozen generations. So changes past and changes future signal substitution of gene option x for gene option y. Just sayin'

i.e. we are each poli-ethic. One can hold two world views at the same time. and born at different times we'd appear as different looking people.
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