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Pope Pius XII tried to save Jews during WWII*

Jimmy Higgins

Feb 1, 2001
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The Pope released documents regarding Pope Pius XII. And books are coming out. The latest shows an interesting take of the Pope who attempted to save the lives of Jewish people while attempting to keep the Nazis from going to war against the Catholics.
article said:
The day after their capture, the Vatican’s secretariat of state received permission from German authorities to send an envoy to the barracks, who ascertained that those inside “included people who had already been baptized, confirmed and celebrated a church wedding,” according to the envoy’s notes.

Over the following days, the secretariat of state drew up lists of people the church deemed Catholic and gave the names to the German ambassador asking for his intervention. In all, of the 1,259 people originally arrested, some 250 were spared deportation.

“For me, what this means, and I think this is also a novelty in the book, is that the Vatican participates in the selection of Jews," Kertzer said in the interview. "Who is going to live and who is going to die.”
It does show an interesting conundrum the Catholic Church was under. They had set a priority to the preservation of Catholics, then afterwards attempted to save the lives of the Jewish. The trouble the Pope saw was the Nazis were winning and he couldn't afford to have Hitler turn his eyes on the Catholics. And then there was the issue if the communists won! I get that. These are legitimate concerns that could not possibly have been easy to manage.

Ultimately, the result of the research shows tireless efforts of the Vatican that didn't amount too much as 6 millions Jewish people were exterminated. But it does indicate efforts were made. But the outcomes were not substantial and in my opinion grossly inadequate for the Church devoted to god that saw more value to lives of Catholics than to the original people of Yahweh.


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Nov 10, 2017
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The reality was he was playing both sides to position himself regardless of who won.

No martyrdom in the name of Jesus for a just cause.

It was also linked to Jews who became Catholics.
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