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Renting one's Clothes

Ohh that's kind of sad, sohy. I have lost almost all of my Jersey Girl friends, too. One went to Massachusetts and seemed so happy there. Suddenly she seems surprised by the cost of living there as well as South Jersey, and I was the one who was surprised by her surprise. Maybe it was just the post wording. She said something like "oh, no, rent is high, I might struggle! Oh no, rent could be so expensive that there could be a housing crisis! Oh no, what might happen?"

I wanted to reply "Maybe some people might not be able to afford rents or mortgages; they might become squatters, or join an encampment, or become homeless, and sleep outside."

Her post was worded as if all humans have housing and homelessness was merely a Boogeyman.

How could she know me and be my friend for over 20 years and not know that I was a squatter who had abandoned my more-homeless roommate not even a year before we MET? MY GOD.

But, when we met in 2001, idk, I tried to be friends. She literally drove past my house (the new one) every day after work and never even slowed down to wave, much less visit, at the time we met. We knew the same folks. She was and is very atheist-oriented, and is literally the one person without whom I may never have joined the secular movement at all.

But she never was part of the local atheist and secular Humanist communities we tried to build. She was at a few early restaurant meetups, then she got distant. I don't remember how it was related to American Atheists, but, it was.

Not my only Jersey Girl Who Left Me story, just today's. Same states, sohy. Mine is up in Massachusetts, too, marveling that it's too costly for literally all of her neighbors, who had appeared so well-off and settled before she moved up there to rent a room. She just learned that a one-room rental in a house is $2000, and apartments are more. I am still stunned. I may defriend her again. Has she never read even one thing about my past, my marriage, my motherhood - I MEAN - damn.

ETA - my time with my abuser, being abused, and my current crisis and I am late on rent and bills and have been overdrawn since I got away from THAT MAN?? How does she not know??? fuck it. I think I am awful.

eta; I am too emotional and have exaggerated my feelings - apparently. She did not go off. She never does. Yet that one post hit me so hard. I am late on my rent and my family has NO idea, unless they also got the email. idk yet. shit/fan soon. I defriended my Jersey Girl again. None of us can be trusted.
Sadly, my friend moved to Massachusetts when she found her perfect partner. He is very tall and she is under 5 ft.
A friend of mine at university has a growth hormone disorder, and was over 7ft tall, and very skinny (he looks like Abraham Lincoln).

The girl he was dating at the time was less than 5ft, and very decidedly not skinny.

At a distance, they had the same sillhouette as the letter b.
People have been 'renting' clothes on Ebay for over 15 years. For FREE.
The ridiculous returns policy makes it possible.
They 'buy' expensive duds, Wear them to the 'event', then they have a month to return them, no questions asked, for a full refund, including postage. The seller gets stuck for the postage.
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