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  • oderint dum metuant”
    Interesting to learn this today. I always enjoy your intellectual tidbits.
    So I looked up Gaelic football on Wikipedia then watched the first half of the 2017 all Ireland final on YouTube.

    Seems to me the game should be more popular. But they need more referees, and I can't help wondering if the five step rule and picking the ball up off the ground and maybe passing without striking the ball are not tightly enforced at this level (similar to walking in the NBA)
    Thanks, bilby. I think this specific person must have visitor messages disabled, too. I can find them on anyone else's profile.

    It occurred to me that might have been the next line right after I hit 'Post Message'. Looks like I have more in common with Leon that I'd like to admit.
    Re: What's a tortoise? That was what Leon said in response to the question about a tortoise on its back in Blade Runner.
    "I hope you realise that I am supposed to go back to work after lunch, and not spend the entire afternoon watching Hancock's Half Hour on YouTube?"

    Sorry. :D
    Cult goons? You mean like Spike Milligan and Harry Seacombe? Sounds like fun :D
    Nope, you get no badge or hat. You get cult goons harassing you and villifying you to your neighbors and coworkers, and you have to give up the fake Navy uniform.

    BUT. It's like being called an infidel by religious zealots, so that is sort of a badge. :)
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