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    Right of Conquest

    bilby said: This statement is wrong as it assumes that the British Empire and the Soviet one would have won WW II against Fascist Japan and Nazi Germany without the US and its industrial power coming, unwillingly perhaps, but rapidly and effectively, to their aid. IMHO The West owes its very...
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    "Coronavirus and the US" or "We are all going to die!!!!"

    The UK RECOVERY trial showed that low-dose dexamethasone (6 mg PO or IV daily for10 days) randomized to 2104 patients reduced deaths by 35% in ventilated patients (P = 0.0003) and by 20% in other patients receiving oxygen only (P = 0.0021) compared with patients who received standard of care (n...
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    Scratch Number of Galaxies... again

    Charlie, Jimmy, and OLDMAN, To cheer you up skim through this: https://apod.nasa.gov/debate/debate100th.html BUT, if you haven't already heard it, listen to the whole presentation by Martin Rees. Yes it's over an hour, but not a dull minute in it. Jill Tarter's Overview is great for beginners.
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    there are two main philosophies in life

    Which brings us to the problem of Relative values. How does "society" settle every one of the problems of these to even a minority's moderate satisfaction? At the moment it is the alleged Free Market and Competition, and we know how those turned out, but they, or their perversions, at least work...
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    there are two main philosophies in life

    I agree, but whose Democracy? That of ancient Athens? Jefferson's? Churchill's? Putin's? Kim Jong-un's? Netanyahu's? The Jesuits'? The Freemasons'? Gandhi's? The Chinese Communist Party's? Maduro's? Yours? 19th century Russian People"s Will as warmed-over by AOC? Remember that over 200 years of...
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    there are two main philosophies in life

    I asked you how that is to be done. May I have an answer?
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    there are two main philosophies in life

    The problem is that "society's" feelings care nothing about your logic and reason. That's real life. Not a good prospect for a judge what the value of anything is. How are you going to make them care? Like Stalin did? Pol Pot? Hitler? Castro? Mussolini? Mao? Franco? Attila? The Islamists past...
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    Religious self-ignorance

    Never heard of Ingersoll the man, or of Hitchens. Read some Voltaire and Twain in the past. And for the first time in my life, just now, read Mencken, just these quotes from Wiki;- Like these .
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    If You Are Certain God Exists Why Prove It?

    It took "slightly" more than 100,000 years, but it produced one "monkey" with a real intended output not of just one sonnet, but of all the works of W.S. (and all that without a typewriter!!)
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    Profound Thoughts

    I repeat: "If a centipede a pint, how much would a precipice?"
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    What are you reading?

    It is, for all that, a pedophile's view of life. And that does not mean that I think Nabokov was a practising pedophile.
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    Russia Preparing to Invade Belarus?

    Those NATO countries are really US Protectorates, as is the rest of the world except Russia, China and perhaps North Korea, and will do nothing. The US can increase sanctions. Nobody will start a WW III in defending Belarus.
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    Doctors 'fighting for life' of Russia's opposition leader Navalny after alleged poisoning

    Not surprising at all, it is almost routine now. But the Ruskies love the "strong hand" that holds/beats/kills them. Look at their national heroes: Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great; Stalin coming back into favour, and next Putin? All dangerous killers, some psychopathic.
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    A day without stupid?

    That and the stress of sleepless Twitter nights over MAGA -- Make America Gringo Again.
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    Joke gallery

    Yes,,, It is said that even a second marriage represents the triumph of hope over experience,
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