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  • Heh. How bad is it when I think that Loren is the most enlightened male voice (so far)?

    I say we need at least 5 more male posters, but if Derec gets involved, all bets are off.

    Also I wonder why it is that men seem so unable or unwilling to express empathy for women. It’s so depressing.
    Angry Floof
    Angry Floof
    No, I understood you just fine. You're talking about perspective, which is not the same thing as objective truth. Yes, everyone has "their own truth," but that just means everyone thinks their perspective is truth, but that conversation is about human experience and psychology, not about objective truth.
    and that is exactly what I do. I have questions so I look for the evidence and use Logic and reason. To come to an understanding of any specific topic. This topic of our existence is no different.
    Physical Spiritual Psychological, intellectual… we individually and as a collective…. Seek meaning and purpose for our existence.
    Angry Floof
    Angry Floof
    True, but we're also dumb and often think our assumptions and emotions equate to objective truth.
    Okay I think we can agree on that concept. Even if we see it in different terms. From up, down inside outside from fear or love.. example some people see dog as cuddly pets other people see dogs as vicious dangerous animals.
    Angry Floof
    Angry Floof
    Most people do not have such a narrow, black and white understanding of dogs regardless of their level of affection for them.
    I am, but I only visit there about once a month, mostly to check out a menu or post a National Geographic video. I just haven't closed down my account yet. Do you post there often? TFT is getting depressing lately too, with all the obnoxious men insulting each other or going on for weeks about insignificant things. Is it me? I'm glad you're still there as well as a few other people, but OMG, there are so many hateful people there, or should I say men? :worried:
    "I totally screwed up that last rep comment, but I think you get the idea. lol"

    Understood completely. :D

    BB code is not allowed in comments? Probably for the best.
    Been busy with life in 3D. Short handed at work, ailing parent and other responsibilities. I don't watch much mainstream entertainment, decline to discuss politics, sports, religion etc. so rather not much content to contribute these days.
    Heinz need to sell spaghetti-K's for orangutans to add to their Spaghetti-O's.
    I thought of Loren Pechtel when I read that in the book. He used to talk as if he thought law was a good in itself regardless of whether it was damaging or unjust. Haven't noticed that in a while.

    Hope life is treating you well.
    The game simulation... wow. Way more graphic set of results than I would have expected.
    Still reading but... this SERIOUSLY should be required, and early - like 6th grade.
    Thank you - I will share it around...
    Yep - they're wall panel seams in the background
    That would be male-pattern-baldness afflicting an animated Harcourt Fenton Mudd
    Thanks for the comment. I wish that *I* could help. But I can't. I can just trust that it will get sorted out. And hope I can keep my big mouth shut.
    By the way - forgot to tell you - she let me hug her and thought it was nice you said she was awesome. :)
    Thank you so much for the kind remarks. <3 It helps a lot to hear from friends. NO good answer to diseases like these. None.

    I ave something for you which is a lot closer to what "Picard" is wearing in your avatar. Having trouble getting to the post office. (That should give you something to look forward to. :))
    Yeah, :D. It's like being at a party and the argument gets blown out of proportion (IRL I'm often the one in the heated argument, though. Blush)
    Sometimes I wish we could sit on the verandah and talk shit, though. - Spikey

    Can I come too?
    I'm pretty sure John Mortimer would be pleased. :)

    Do you know what happened to the site? Oops, I see there's a banner just above that tells me.
    It's reasonable to assume that I've been doing it since before you were born. I appreciate the sentiment, but no thanks are required. I'd be doing it anyway. ;)
    I've been on the web a LOT less than that, but have the same impression. People can share ideas and a sense of who they are. It's not magic but it's really powerful.

    I'm hoping it will change control structures/governments with time.

    I really value you, though a year or so ago I backed off everybody. I found I was spreading myself thin.

    Sometimes I wish we could sit on the verandah and talk shit, though.:D
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