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  • Enjoy your visit with your son. :)
    No, thanks for caring. I was hurting when I wrote that.

    He was off and on about coming for 2 days. It was emotionally exhausting. He's in Melb. for a week from the US, but I'm a 2.5 hr drive from there. I would have happily driven up to see him, but we both wanted him to see the new house.
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    He finally decided he would come, then said he couldn't get a hire car. That's when I wrote that. Then he got a loan of a car from a friend.

    Brought his girlfriend. It was lovely to meet her. He looks well and happy.

    I'd like to see him for more that 2hrs every 10 years, but you have to be grateful for small mercies, neh?
    Angry Floof
    Angry Floof
    So glad you got to see him at last! ❤️ Yes, you deserve more than two hours every ten years. :)
    Hah! I can't get used to the idea of cold and dry together. I know the moisture freezes out of the air, but here it's only ever cold and sopping.
    I use a saline spray. That's about all I need. It's just this cold, dry time of year that this happens. :)
    You hear about it all the time in Hollywood movies and nearly every single cop procedural but I've never known how you would build it.

    Turns out it is basically my Bolognese recipe with beans and chili. I'm going to try it some time, when i'm not cooking for the kids, adding those long greeney-yellow capsicum things whole name I don't know, and extra olive oil.

    I am dumbfounded that you didn't know about chili! As loud and obnoxious as American culture is, I would have thought everyone on the globe knew about chili. It's a Mexican dish, but it's a favorite of Americans, particularly in Texas, where they ruin it with too much spicy heat. It's Texas, though, and they have to feel like they're bigger and better than everyone, so I suspect much of that spice is to prove something. I prefer actual flavor with mild to moderate heat. Anything above that is just showing off, not eating. :D
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    Thanks for the note. Agreed, Quiet is a great read.. I might have to give my copy another look again some time soon.
    Thank YOU. I tend to read only books that people I respect say they enjoy, so the reading thread here supplies a few, or books that grab me from the library shelves. The first 2 of yours sound good to me.

    I'm going to give you the back-of-the-envelope-summary. Remembering that this is fiction, one of the characters talks about how film stock was developed (no pun intended) it "was optimised for white North-west European skins." and that makes images of other skins ... not quite right. She suggests that differing photographic design would make "blackness ... look ordinary, whiteness ... look odd."

    She talks about how sweaty Sydney Poitier was in In the Heat of the Night. It was at least partially because the lights were turned up full blast, because the cameras didn't "see" his skin. Metaphorical, huh?

    Thanks for the recommendation. I saved a bookmark to my desktop, but I'm currently in the middle of reading: A Universe from Nothing (Lawrence Krauss), Stamped from the Beginning (Ibram X Kendi), Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism (Aron Ra), Demon-Haunted World (Carl Sagan), A Nation Under Our Feet, vol 2 (Black Panther comic, Ta Nehisi Coates), Ironheart vol 1 (Iron Man comic).

    Cripes, I'm never gonna finish it all!
    I can just remember my Mum talking with her friends about the Pill when I was maybe 7. It changed things in ways the show doesn't acknowledge, though I suppose that wasn't the point of it. I love the human angle of it and cry at every single birth, for some reason. Hope you are hanging in there. I've just started on turmeric. It helped. :)
    Oh I know the 60s were still the dark ages for women in many respects. I just didn't know how far the show would take the topic. Turns out, it didn't piss me off that much. Conditions were appalling, yes, and the show revealed that, but it didn't submerge any characters into a debate that would make my blood boil. There were only maybe two outright mentions of the backward moralizing, and they allowed the story to reveal the cultural forces of oppression of the era.
    Yes I am a very, very happy vegemite. Sorry for the delay in responding.
    I was there in 1982 and can finally get over it.
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