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  • Saturday was a good result for the Tigers. Much better than 1982.
    I am pleased that Storm won but rugby does not have the same attraction for me. I would have been even happy to have a banana bender win as long as Sydney does not.
    Congratulations on Saturday's result!

    I was hoping for the Cowboys to get up on Sunday, but it seems that Melbourne has all the trophies this year.

    I bet there's quite the party going on down there right now :)
    Thank you for the rep. Sometimes I think we spend too much time preaching to the choir, expecting all who hear us to agree. When someone posts something like the Osteen thread, there's no discussion value in it. It's simply a mean spirited attack on someone who disagrees with us. There's no good reason to let something like that go unchallenged, or at least unnoticed.
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