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China's Warning to the World


When you can't even defeat Afghanistan after 20 years its ...
Par for the course. USA has simply added its name to every other country that has ever tried to "defeat Afghanistan" (win in Afghanistan)
NONE of them have ever prevailed. Except maybe in the RVonse imagination, where it is apparently a minimal accomplishment to "defeat Afghanistan".
It is confusing to me why people would want to live there. It's not the most ideal climate is it?
Because they know how to survive as few others can and that makes it hard to take. And then they just operate whatever makes them money and doesn't run game.against their own folks.

It's the ideal climate for what they are.

As respects the ruling organization. The people are... Well, normal, within the bounds of being buried in an impenetrably fortified desert. And overseen by that.


Australia is too big, too populated, too separated by the sea and too well protected even now.
The only reliable way for China to expand is by land.
Russia is easy target for Chinese expansion - easily accessible, not very populated in the Far East. The only thing which prevents chinese invasion are nukes.
Of course on paper, Russia and China have good relations, but that does not mean much. Russia had "good" relations with Nazi Germany.


Veteran Member
Australia is too big(1), too populated(2), too separated by the sea(3) and too well protected(4) even now.
2 of those 4 points are correct.

With regards to the original topic, if you consider the Chinese government* as extremely xenophobic and motivated towards having buffer nations between themselves and "those people", their actions start making a lot more sense.

It's not about conquest - it's about paranoia derived from unhealthy isolationism. With a little dash of authoritarians fucking terrified of losing power thrown in for good measure.

*(not China as a whole, not the Chinese people but the ruling government)

Loren Pechtel

Super Moderator
Staff member
It would take an armada of "freighters" to transport sufficient troops which would be noticed. Really, your argument is ridiculous.
Coupled with the fact Australia loses its collective shit whenever only one of these enters its waters :


unless those freighters are equipped with Romulan cloaking devices, someone's gonna notice.

Of course they're going to notice. What I'm saying is they won't be able to scramble a strike fast enough. Same thing that happened with 9/11--the only fighters that even got off the ground in time were unarmed and unable to make the intercept anyway.
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