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Caption Contest

Thomas II

Make up the best caption!

Here's the rules [amended Jan. 12, 2009 - Stacey Melissa, Humor Mod]:

1) Winner posts a non-edited photograph (i.e., no Photoshops, paintings, or drawings). No NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

2) Everyone else comes up with a caption for that picture.

3) After five people have posted captions OR 6 hours have gone by without a new caption being posted, the winner may be declared. If no winner is declared within a reasonable time (generally 24 hours after the picture was posted, and captioning activity is absent), someone else may hijack the thread and post a new picture.

4) Please put "Winner" in your post title and identify the winner clearly.

5) If the declared winner doesn't post a picture within a reasonable time (generally no more than 12 hours), someone else may hijack the thread and post a new picture.

6) See #1.

Have a go at this one...



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  • Vladamir+Putin+Russian+President+Having+Hand+Wrestling+with+Americans+3.jpg
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George was beginning to suspect that his silent fart hadn't been quite as silent as he'd hoped.

- - - Updated - - -

Laptop kid pic:

Why, yes, hornyinNYC, i am naked. How did you know?

Edit to add: Why is this forum combining what should be two different posts?


Fair dinkum thinkum
It's a feature in this version of vBulletin; if the same user posts consecutively, the posts are combined into one. In some types of discussion, I can see how this is a very good idea - it encourages people to either stay on-topic or start a new thread; in other circumstances - such as in this thread, where the topic changes with each new pic posted, it is less helpful.

- - - Updated - - -

On the whole, I think I like it though.

- - - Updated - - -

No need to 'edit' to add an afterthought.

- - - Updated - - -


To: complaints@undergarmentsonline.com

Dear sirs,

I am writing to request the urgent shipping of my recent order number 8356721...


continuing his trend of attempting to appeal to the widest possible margin of humanity, the Pope reveals the new Popemobile...



"Is it on me? I don't see it, is it on me?"

"Yeah, it's on your shoulder. Hang on, i'll get it with my flyswatter."


Mrs Frizzle
Justin Bieber's recurring nightmare...

Thomas II


Got told off by a child in front of his mother, this cheered me back up. Thanks Thomas II


New member
Thanks, but I can just barely navigate this new site as it is, never mind post pictures. So, I'll pass the privilege on to others.


Fair dinkum thinkum

...and I said to the police chief, "It's about time somebody took this spate of muggings seriously", and he said "What do you want, an armed officer permanently guarding every few yards?", and I said "Why not?"...

I didn't think Kristi at Forever 21 knew what she was talking about when she told me to buy the hat because it goes with the jacket. But now those chicks are totally checking out my ass. Thank you Kristi!

Tom Sawyer

Super Moderator
Staff member
While the army initially thought that the test of its new invisibility uniforms was a smashing success, further research discovered that they didn't work at all and the people in this neighbourhood just didn't give a rat's ass what it was that the damn youngin's were up to.
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